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"The heroes whom we deem worthy are beautiful because they inspire us to be better and invoke those magical thoughts that keep us in lofty places soaring among the stars..."


The most important event (or explosion) in the history of comics was the debut of Superman in Action Comics #1, June, 1938 created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. This creation took the industry into a bold new direction and gave rise to a whole new landscape of super-heroic-stars, all of which were trying to make a name for themselves and cash in on the enormous success of the Man of Steel. The most flagrant copycats were taken to court by DC Comics, beginning with a character called Wonderman, who was doomed after appearing in just a single issue. Then from out of the offices of Fawcett Publications and the minds of Bill Parker and C.C. Beck came a new champion of good by the name of Captain Marvel. Debuting in Whiz Comics #2, February, 1940 (really #1, as the earlier #1 was simply an “ashcan” edition of the same stories printed up for copyright purposes, the numbering was later changed). Captain Marvel was seemingly intended as only a copy of Superman, but the “World’s Mightiest Mortal” soon developed into something much more extraordinary, something much more... well, charming.

Through much of the Golden Age of Comic Books (the late 1930’s until the early 1950’s) comics consistently sold more than any other time in its history, especially during the early 1940’s. Captain Marvel proved to be the most popular superhero character of the medium with his comics outselling all others, including those featuring Superman. In fact, Captain Marvel Adventures sold fourteen million copies in 1944, and was at one point being published bi-weekly with a circulation of 1.3 million copies an issue (proclaimed on the cover of issue #19 as being the "Largest Circulation of Any Comic Magazine"). Part of the reason for this popularity included the inherent wish-fulfillment appeal of the character to children, as well as the humorous and surreal quality of the stories. Billy Batson typically narrated each Captain Marvel story, speaking directly to his reading audience from his WHIZ radio microphone, relating each story from the perspective of a young boy (now that was cool).

Detective Comics (later known as National Comics Publications, National Periodical Publications, and today known as DC Comics) sued Fawcett Comics for copyright infringement in 1941, alleging that Captain Marvel was based on their character Superman. After seven years of litigation, the National Comics Publications v. Fawcett Publications case went to trials court in 1948. Although the judge presiding over the case decided that Captain Marvel was an infringement, DC was found to be negligent in copyrighting several of their Superman daily newspaper strips, and it was decided that National had abandoned the Superman copyright. As a result, the initial verdict, delivered in 1951, was decided in Fawcett's favor.

National appealed this decision, and Judge Learned Hand declared in 1952 that National's Superman copyright was in fact valid. Judge Hand did not find that the character of Captain Marvel itself was an infringement, but rather that specific stories or super feats could be infringements, and that the truth of this would have to be determined in a re-trial of the case. The judge therefore sent the matter back to the lower court for final determination.

Instead of retrying the case, however, Fawcett decided to settle with National out of court. The National lawsuit was not the only problem Fawcett faced in regards to Captain Marvel. While Captain Marvel Adventures had been the top-selling comic series during World War II, it suffered declining sales every year after 1945 and by 1949 it was selling only half its wartime rate. Fawcett tried to revive the popularity of its assorted Captain Marvel series in the early 1950s by introducing elements of the horror comics trend that gained popularity at the time. Feeling that a decline in the popularity of superhero comics meant that it was no longer worth continuing the fight, Fawcett agreed to never again publish a comic book featuring any of the Captain Marvel-related characters, and to pay National $400,000 in damages. Fawcett shut down its comics division in the autumn of 1953 and laid off its comic-creating staff. Whiz Comics had ended with issue #155 in June 1953, Captain Marvel Adventures was canceled with #150 (November 1953), and The Marvel Family ended its run with #89 (January 1954). The litigation is notable as one of the longest running legal battles in comic book publication history.

In Mad Issue 4, 1953, the story "Superduperman" was published. While it did not specifically reference the lawsuit, the story recounts the battle between Superduperman and "Captain Marbles”. And it should be noted that this issue marked the first time Superman and Captain Marvel were ever in a comic together, even if it was just a parody appearance of both characters.

In the 1950s, a small British publisher, L. Miller and Son, published a number of black and white reprints of American comic books, including the Captain Marvel series. With the outcome of the National v. Fawcett lawsuit, L. Miller and Son found their supply of Captain Marvel material abruptly cut off. They requested the help of a British comic writer, Mick Anglo, who created a thinly disguised version of the superhero called Marvelman. Captain Marvel Jr. was adapted to create Young Marvelman, while Mary Marvel had her gender changed to create the male Kid Marvelman. The magic word "Shazam!" was replaced with "Kimota", "Atomik" backwards. The new characters took over the numbering of the original Captain Marvel's United Kingdom series with issue number 25.

Marvelman ceased publication in 1963, but was revived in 1982 by writer Alan Moore in the pages of Warrior Magazine. Beginning in 1985, Moore's black and white serialized adventures were reprinted in color by Eclipse Comics under the new title Miracleman (as Marvel Comics now existed and objected to the use of Marvel in the title), and continued publication in the United States after Warrior's demise. It was noted that Marvelman's creation was based upon Captain Marvel comics, by both Moore and later Marvelman/Miracleman writer Neil Gaiman (in 2009, Marvel Comics obtained the rights to the original 1950s Marvelman characters and stories).

In 1966, M. F. Enterprises produced their own Captain Marvel: an android superhero from another planet whose main characteristic was the ability to split his body into several parts, each of which could move on its own. He triggered the separation by shouting "Split!" and reassembled himself by shouting "Xam!" He had a young human ward named Billy Baxton. This Captain Marvel, who didn't last long, was credited in the comic as being "based on a character created by Carl Burgos" (yeah riiight).

When superhero comics became popular again in the mid-1960s in what is now called the Silver Age of Comic Books (1956 to circa 1970), Fawcett was unable to revive Captain Marvel because in order to settle the lawsuit it had agreed never to publish the character again. Carmine Infantino, publisher of DC Comics, licensed the characters from Fawcett in 1972, and DC began planning a revival. Because Marvel Comics had by this time established Captain Marvel as a comic book trademark, DC published their book under the name Shazam! Since then, that title has become so linked to Captain Marvel that many people have taken to identifying the character as "Shazam" instead of his actual name (in 2012, DC Comics updated the character again but they opted to completely drop the name of Captain Marvel and rename him simply Shazam).

The Shazam! comic series began with issue #1, dated February 1973. It contained both new stories and reprints from the 1940s and 1950s. The first story attempted to explain the Marvel Family's absence by stating that they, Dr. Sivana, Sivana's children, and most of the supporting cast had been accidentally trapped in suspended animation for twenty years when the Sivana’s attempted to put the Marvels into suspended animation, until finally breaking free when the Suspendium globe moved towards the Sun. The cover of this issue is truly historic because it’s the first time Superman and Captain Marvel were ever seen legitimately on a comic together (even though they never meet in the story).

Dennis O'Neil was the primary writer of the book; his role was later taken over by writers Elliot S. Maggin and E. Nelson Bridwell. C. C. Beck drew stories for the first ten issues of the book before quitting due to creative differences; Bob Oksner and Fawcett alumnus Kurt Schaffenberger were among the later artists of the title. But writing Captain Marvel in the new DC Universe was no easy task. Elliot Maggin stated:

“We were trying to do the traditional Fawcett-style Captain Marvel in the Shazam! book in those days. The style of artwork was different from Superman’s. The degree of suspension of disbelief in the two story threads-Shazam! as opposed to Superman-were different. I never really believed that Superman and Captain Marvel belonged in the same story and neither did Julie Schwartz (The DC editor in chief).” 

With DC's Multiverse concept in effect during this time, it was stated that the revived Marvel Family and related characters lived within the DC Universe on the parallel world of "Earth-S". With the 1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series, DC fully integrated the Marvel characters into the DC Universe. With the exception of an appearance by Lex Luthor in Shazam! #15, dated November–December 1974, the early, faithful-to-the-40s-comics versions never crossed over with the mainstream DC characters.

While publishing its Shazam! revival in the 1970s, DC Comics published a story in Superman #276, dated June 1974, featuring a battle between the Man of Steel and a thinly disguised version of Captain Marvel called Captain Thunder, a reference to the character's original name. Two years later, Justice League of America #135-137 featured a story arc which featured Superman and Captain Marvel (as well as other heroes of Earth-1, Earth-2, and Earth-S) almost fighting and then teaming together against their enemies for the first time. Then DC did the right thing and made their very first actual showdown a big event in the treasury-sized format series All New Collectors’ Edition. DC had two main treasury-sized titles—Famous First Edition, which reprinted some of DC's most historic books in the larger format, and Limited Collector’s Edition, which was made up 90% of reprinted material under a single theme. Later, when DC would sometimes use all-new material, they re-named the book All New Collectors’ Edition. And in issue #58, the long awaited clash between these two icons finally happened. They would later meet teaming-up together in various issues of DC Comics Presents (#33-34, 49, and Annual #3).

Following the Justice League of America story, DC followed Mad's cue and often pitted Captain Marvel and Superman against each other for any number of reasons, but usually as an inside joke to the characters' long battles in court; they are otherwise staunch allies that have confronted each other head to head. This was later retconned in Superman/Shazam: First Thunder limited series in 2005. This story recounts the first meeting between the two heroes and contrary to the usual popular stereotype, that encounter proves most pleasant as they quickly become allies whose individual differences complement each other well.

This was further enhanced by the release of Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam animated feature in 2010. In a revamped origin of Captain Marvel, Billy Batson idolizes Superman and wants to be just like him in every way. After Billy is granted his magical powers from the wizard Shazam, he and Superman quickly become good friends and battle the Black Adam. It should be noted that when Superman get’s hit by the magic lightning of Black Adam he gets burned badly by its magical properties. If you look closely, the actual burn mark is the symbol of Captain Thunder from Superman #276, so it was a nice homage to that classic encounter. Unfortunately, due to these recent revamps in their history, it would seem that today, the grudge between Superman and Captain Marvel has been put to rest.

But that is not what this write up is about! This is written in honor of their grudges and legendary rivalry! Listed here is a complete rundown of every time these two icons have met each other in a slugfest as well as challenging the other to tests of strength. All time periods such as Pre-CrisisPost-Crisis, Elseworlds or Parallel Earth stories are included (DC considers all versions of Superman and Captain Marvel to be legit incarnations of each hero, Paul Levitz himself told me this). Simply put, if it’s a significant encounter, it will be listed! No friendly team ups, meetings and situations will be ranked. This is each character on different sides of the battlefield trying to prove which one is truly the greatest superhero ever created.

So enough about the background, let’s get to the combatants…


Name: Superman 
Height: 6’3” 
Weight: 225lbs

Real Name: Kal-El, adopted as Clark Joseph Kent

Origins: Comes from the planet Krypton. Gained powers from Earth’s lighter gravity and yellow sun.

Home Base: Metropolis

Identity Switch: Secretly strips off his civilian clothes to reveal his Superman costume

Nicknames: Man of Steel, Man of Tomorrow, Man of Might, Action Ace, the Kryptonian, Big Red S, Big Blue, The Greatest Hero of Any Age, Champion of Truth, Justice and the American Way

Powers: Superman possesses extraordinary superhuman powers. His body acts as a living solar battery that absorbs yellow-sun rays, with these rays he is granted; super-strength, super-invulnerability and super-endurance; making him one of the physically strongest and most durable characters in the DC Universe. He also possesses super-speeds; allowing him to move, react, run, and fly at speeds of nearly a hundred miles per hour to speeds far greater than the speed of light. Super-breath; ability to inhale and exhale huge volumes of air with great force, capable of extinguishing large fires and moving heavy objects such as cars. This also allows Superman to hold his breath for hours in airless environments. The release (exhalation) of highly compressed air through his pursed lips causes it to drop radically in temperature. This is usually referred to as "Freeze Breath", and can cool objects to sub-zero temperatures and freeze air moisture solid. Super-senses (including hearing, smelling, tasting, touching); his sight is the most well-rounded of his senses as he has greater accuracy to detail than humanly possible. This sense also includes the ability to see EM frequencies invisible to humans, such as radio transmissions, infrared light, the bio-electric aura which surrounds all living things, even in pitch-black darkness. Offshoots of this power include Telescopic Vision; which allows him to "zoom in" on far away objects, sometimes hundreds of miles away. Microscopic Vision; which allows him to zoom in on objects that would normally be too small to see, like those on a cellular or molecular level. X-Ray Vision; the ability to see through solid objects, usually with the exception of lead. Heat Vision; ability to emit solar energy from his eyes. Usually resembles bright red or orange laser-like beams, which may be invisible at low temperatures but extremely bright at high ones. The effective range of his beams are hundreds of feet. In addition varying the beam width, height, and intensity, Superman has demonstrated a high degree of skill and accuracy in manipulating his beam. He is able to use this power with surgical precision and at microscopic levels. In some cases, these beams can also be used to produce great concussive force rather than heat and have been known to rupture steel plates and pulverize rock. He also possesses regeneration (when absorbing yellow sun rays into his body) and longevity as well as having a super-mind and memory.

Weaknesses: Kryptonite; Superman is most vulnerable to green Kryptonite, mineral debris from Krypton transformed into radioactive material by the forces that destroyed the planet. Exposure to green Kryptonite radiation nullifies Superman's powers and immobilizes him with pain and nausea; prolonged exposure will eventually kill him. The only substance on Earth that can protect him from Kryptonite is lead, which blocks the radiation. Lead is also the only known substance that Superman cannot see through with his X-Ray Vision. He is also vulnerable to most forms of magic, red-sun rays (which weaken him considerably), and just about anything from Krypton

Favorite Expressions:  Great Krypton!”, ” Great Scott!”, ” Up, Up and Away!”, “This looks like a job for Superman!”

Name: Captain Marvel

Height: 5’4” (as Billy) 6’2” (as Captain Marvel) 
Weight: 125lbs (as Billy) 250lbs (as Captain Marvel)

Real Name: Billy Batson

Origins: Given the power of six elder Gods by the ancient wizard named SHAZAM.

Home Base: Fawcett City

Identity Switch: Says “SHAZAM!” and is changed by a magical blast of lightning.

Nicknames: World’s Mightiest Mortal, World’s Mightiest Man, Big Red Cheese

Powers: Magically bestowed aspects of various mythological figures which include; Wisdom of Solomon; grants him instant access to a vast amount of scholarly knowledge, including most known languages and sciences, he has exceptional photographic recall and mental acuity allowing him to read and decipher hieroglyphics, recall everything he has ever learned and solve long mathematical equations, he also has a great understanding of divine phenomena in the mortal world, this wisdom also provides him with counsel and advice in times of need. Strength of Hercules; grants him immense superhuman strength, making him easily one of the strongest characters on Earth. Stamina of Atlas; grants him vast invulnerability and he does not need to eat, breathe or sleep and can survive unaided in space. Power of Zeus; grants him resistance against all magic spells and attacks and the ability to call down magical lightning, this lightning has several uses, such as creating apparatus, restoring damage done to him, and acting as fuel for magic spells, it can also turn other Marvels back by striking them, and it aids inter-dimensional travel at the Rock of Eternity. Courage of Achilles; also grants mental fortitude and protection to most mental attacks. And the Speed of Mercury; he can move, react, run and fly at superhuman speeds faster than the speed of light.

Weaknesses: Vulnerable as Billy

Favorite Expressions: “Holy Moley!”


The issues listed here are each time Superman and Captain Marvel have squared off and fought each other in the comics regardless of the situation or plot. I will also explain each encounter in detail. Unfortunately, all fights and situations are not always so clear cut and I've tried my very best to be fair, objective and unbiased about the outcome of each battle. A "MATCH UP" is considered a round within a fight or face off confrontation. Since situations can be erratic in the story, there can be multiple outcomes between opponents in a fight. I will continually list each "MATCH UP" with a result and tally it. A "MATCH UP" will only result in a "WIN" if the losing character is rendered unconscious, teleported away against their will or immobilized in such a fashion that they are only freed by the other combatant or an ally. There may even be cases when a character gets a victory due to interference of their teammates, partners, etc. This may not be a definitive "WIN" but it will still be tallied against the losing opponent and explained so. When a character gets an "EDGE" result, they had the advantage at the end of the fight but the opponent may still be conscious or fighting on, so it will not be tallied against him. A "DRAW" result means no one was victorious during that encounter. A "NONE" result means there was no way a logical result could be given in that confrontation or situation from the two characters facing off and this can occur for a number of reasons and will be explained in the text. And finally, an "UNKNOWN" result means the ending of the fight was never shown so a definitive result cannot be given. At the end, I tallied up the totals so you can come to your own conclusions and be the judge to see who holds the overall edge in this legendary battle.

This issue is truly a monumental piece of comic book history! The very first time both Superman and Captain Marvel actually meet! Under the influence of red kryptonite, Superman attacks in a crazed fury. Captain Marvel sees this and goes out to stop him. As they both are about to fly into each other, Marvel yells the magic words “SHAZAM!” changing him back into Billy Batson. The magical properties of the lightning cause’s Superman to break free from the control of the red kryptonite and save Billy.  RESULT: NONE


The very first actual Superman and Captain Marvel brawl in a comic had to be in an oversized format! It was the perfect scope for these two larger than life icons! Karmang the Evil forces the Black Adam to blast Superman and Captain Marvel with his judgment ray causing both heroes to attack each other in a mad killing frenzy. In this huge brawl, Superman get’s the better of Captain Marvel and eventually knocks him out. It is later revealed to Superman by the wizard Shazam, that being in his universe Captain Marvel was depowered and not fighting at full strength. RESULT: WIN SUPERMAN (It should be noted that this cannot be considered a definitive "win" for Superman due to the circumstances in this fight.)


Under the influence of Adolf Hitler’s Spear of Destiny, Captain Marvel attacks Earth 2 Superman and the rest of the All-Star Squadron. They have a HUGE no holds barred brawl in the sky until Captain Marvel hits Superman with a tremendous punch that rockets the Man of Steel crashing back to the Earth. When other Squadron members go to Superman’s aide, they are shocked to find him stunned and defeated. RESULT: WIN CAPTAIN MARVEL


Still under the influence of Adolf Hitler’s Spear of Destiny, Captain Marvel and the Marvel family attack the Squadron. Earth 2 Superman quickly attacks Captain Marvel to get revenge from their previous encounter. They have a short scrap when Superman has to chase down a bomb that Captain Marvel kicked at the city below. Eventually the Marvel Family becomes free of the Spear’s influence and team up with the Squadron to defeat the Nazi’s before returning back to their Earth. RESULT: DRAW


Captain Marvel fights Superman (possessed by Eclipso). This fight is a bit controversial making it the hardest of all their fights to judge (which is sure to cause a little bit of controversy among fanboys). Almost always, when Eclipso possesses someone, he powers them up. However, there was no mention of this in the battle itself, so I suppose it’s debatable. Take it as you will. However, one cannot deny that Superman was more ruthless than ever and that Captain Marvel was holding back against him. RESULT: EDGE SUPERMAN (Superman gets the "edge" in this controversial brawl for beating up and having Captain Marvel at his mercy at the end of it. But there are just too many circumstances to ponder to make this a fair fight, so Supes cannot get a definitive "win" and it can't be tallied against Captain Marvel. I'm sure the Superman fanboys will be screaming at this one, but isn't this why comic books and super-classic-rivalries are so much fun to debate?)



SUPERMAN #102 (1995)
In a short fight, the two hero’s battle under the influence of Satanus as Superman sees Captain Marvel as Cyborg Superman while Captain Marvel sees Superman as Black Adam (Johnathan Kent comments that it would take the entire JLA to separate the two). They go back and forth until they realize that they have been tricked into fighting each other.  RESULT: DRAW


KINGDOM COME #3 and 4 (1996)
The Superman and Captain Marvel fight in this series is by far the most popular, most referenced and most legendary clash in the history of their rivalry. And although this is an Elseworlds tale, Kingdom Come was for all intents and purposes set in the future of the then-current mainstream DC Universe. With the war of all wars breaking out, the two most powerful beings on Earth square off in a final battle. They face off in the final pages of Kingdom Come #3 when Captain Marvel slams into an unsuspecting Superman. In the next issue, total war breaks out with Captain Marvel (who has been brain washed by Lex Luthor) and Superman battle it out. They fight toe-to-toe until Captain Marvel batters Superman by using his magic lightning bolt over and over but dodging before it hits him, leaving Superman to bear the brunt of a magical lightning strike. However, as Captain Marvel says “SHAZAM!” again, Superman grabs him and the lightning finds its mark; turning Captain Marvel back into Billy Batson. Holding Batson's mouth shut, Superman tells Batson that he is going to stop the remaining bomb, and Batson must make an important choice: either stop him and allow the warhead to kill all the super-humans, or let Superman stop the bomb and allow the super-humans' war to engulf the world. Superman tells Batson he must be the one to make this decision, as he is the only one who lives in both worlds, that of normal humans (as Batson) and the super-human community (as Marvel). Superman releases him and flies off to stop the incoming bomb. Batson, his mind now clear of Luthor's influence, turns into Captain Marvel, flies up to Superman, throws him back down to the ground and takes hold of the bomb. Having found a third option, Marvel shouts "SHAZAM!" three more times in rapid succession and the lightning sets off the bomb prematurely, killing himself in the process. This is superhero storytelling at its absolute finest! RESULT: WIN SUPERMAN


JLA #29 (1999)
Captain Marvel goes to the moon to confront Superman. Marvel knows Superman wants to enter the 5th Dimension but he knows Earth needs Superman more than it needs him. So to stop Superman from entering, Marvel sucker punches the Man of Steel with two magically charged up punches and knocks him out cold. Hourman watching this event states, “Not many people can do that.” Captain Marvel feels low about the ambush but he accomplished his task. RESULT: NONE


They have a back and forth scrap in which Captain Marvel is too stubborn to stop despite Superman’s pleas. Superman has an idea for them to settle this fight with an arm wrestling contest. Winner takes all and no rematches. It’s a stalemate until Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr. power-up in the middle of the contest depowering Captain Marvel’s strength and causing him to lose. Despite the mishap and argument, Superman leaves. RESULT: DRAW


JSA #34 (2002)
As the Ultra-Humanite gains control of Jakeem Thunder's Thunderbolt, a new JSA (Captain Marvel, Sand, Power Girl, Jakeem Thunder and the villain Icicle) attempt to bring the villain down and free Superman and the heroes of Earth from his control. As this JSA battles a brainwashed conglomeration of the Titans and the JLA, Superman sneak attacks Captain Marvel and hits him twice at super-speed knocking him out. RESULT: NONE


When the seven deadly sins of Shazam manifest into their demon counterparts, they possess several members of the Justice League and Justice Society. Under the influence of the Demon of Gluttony, Captain Marvel attacks Superman (who is being distracted by an influenced Power Girl) and sucker punches him. The blow sends the Man of Steel flying and totally knocks him out. RESULT: NONE


The JSA send Captain Marvel and Hawkman to attack and capture Superman and Batman because they won’t hold back when fighting them. In this brawl, Superman admits that Marvel has an edge on him when they fight toe-to-toe due to his magic and gets his nose busted because of it. As Batman and Superman switch opponents they plan a maneuver called “castling” to trick Hawkman and Captain Marvel into thinking that they are defeated. RESULT: NONE (This fight has to be ruled thusly because Batman and Superman fake being defeated)


This match-up is never seen in the issue. When we see Captain Marvel and Hawkman, they are really Superman and Batman with their costumes on and ambush Lex Luthor. Superman states that they pretended to be defeated from the previous encounter and blindsided Captain Marvel and Hawkman… ”castling.” RESULT: NONE (It was an ambush that defeated Captain Marvel and Hawkman so it cannot be regarded as a "win" for Superman or even listed as a fight for that matter since you never see the encounter)

SUPERMAN #216 (2005)
Captain Marvel fights Superman possessed by Eclipso again. Marvel is intent on not fighting Superman and is strictly on the defensive until the last moments. Superman’s resistance to magic was increased via being possessed by Eclipso due to how he took a few of the Shazam lightning bolts. After a back and forth fight, the Specter frees Superman. RESULT: DRAW



JUSTICE #9 (2007)
After Captain Marvel gets mind controlled by Brainiac’s robotic worms, he attacks the Justice League, who are stationed in the Fortress of Solitude. As Marvel tries to break in, it’s up to Superman to stop him! They clash as Superman tries to get Marvel to fight off the control. They go back and forth until Green Lantern steps in and frees Captain Marvel from the control. RESULT: DRAW


variant cover
As the New 52 brings about a new age DC Universe for the millennium with revamped incarnations of Superman and SHAZAM (who is no longer being called Captain Marvel... sheeeesh), we get their very first face-to-face meeting and match up in this issue. While SHAZAM is in the Kahndaq desert, their military doesn't take kindly to American's traveling there, so they attack him on sight. This angers SHAZAM and as he is about to fight back he is suddenly punched miles away at super-speed by Superman. This causes him to retaliate and brawl it out with The Man of Steel. Wonder Woman soon joins the fight to help Superman and get some answers but SHAZAM refuses to talk and continues to fight. After Superman lands a tremendous blow that floors the Big Red Cheese, SHAZAM rises and is now confronted by the entire Justice League who wants to know why he is in the Kahndaq desert. Billy says it's none of their business and calls them all "jerks." RESULT: DRAW


variant cover
variant cover
While SHAZAM and other members of the Justice League are infected by the Amazo virus, they fight with Superman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor. Superman makes some attacks against the possessed SHAZAM but the ending of the fight is never seen. RESULT: UNKNOWN


variant cover
With the largest battle in the Multiverse happening, the Kingdom Come Captain Marvel is eager to slug it out with the Earth 2 Superman to see who is superior and attacks him. As the battle escalates, all the heroes from Kingdom Come, Earth 2, the Titans and Parallax fight it out with each other and with the villain Deimos who is behind it all. RESULT: DRAW



Comics listed in this category will show every time Captain Marvel and Superman pit their strength against each other to see who is physically the stronger.

The Wizard and Bibbo Bibbowski have an argument on who’s tougher, Captain Marvel or Superman. So both heroes have an arm wrestling match to benefit the Police Athletic Fund. By the time the comic ends they have been locked up for two hours without either one having an edge. It is never known who won or when it ends.

ACTION COMICS #768 (2000)
At the end of this adventure where Captain Marvel and Superman share the same body, they have a talk where they come clean about their respect for each other. And Superman states that he has always considered Captain Marvel his equal. Then they shake hands and both start to squeeze testing the others strength and ability to take it. It is never shown who was able to take it more before letting go. It’s very likely that there was no winner.


This is the category that will list all alternate time-line, fake or funny comic appearances of Superman fighting Captain Marvel.

MAD #4 (1953)
Mad magazine does a spoof on the heated “real-life” comic debate of the day with the story, Superduperman vs Captain Marbles. It’s interesting to note that this story started two very important facts; the actual competitiveness and rivalry between the two heroes seen in printed form, which DC would follow suit 20 years later when they began to add Captain Marvel into the DC universe. And because of this particular story, Mad magazine became the hottest and longest lasting humor magazine ever (the first 3 issues didn’t sell very well). In the story, Superduperman is shocked that there is someone out in the comic’s world that is just as powerful as he is. This hilarious fight ends when Captain Marbles knocks himself out with his own punch! 

This issue stands as the very first time Superman and Captain Marvel were ever in a comic together...almost. A demon Captain Marvel shows up, battles Supes to a standstill and then defeats him by whispering a magic which causes a magical bolt of lightning to strike the Man of Steel! Was this a sign that Superman wasn't the "Big Cheese" in the DC universe anymore? What is also funny about this issue is that it had a "teaser" Captain Marvel advertisement in it stating that the real Captain Marvel was returning to comics. And it gave a warning: "Watch Out Superman! Here Comes the Original Captain Marvel!"

SUPERMAN #276 (1974)
According to writer Elliot S. Maggin, in a 2006 interview, the reason behind using Captain Thunder (despite having the rights to the real deal character) was that DC felt the more whimsical Captain Marvel appearing in SHAZAM! would be a poor thematic fit with the more "realistic" Superman, and that Cap's appearance in Superman (or vice versa) would be too jarring a transition for either character to make.  Whatever the case, we all knew this was Captain Marvel (more or less). In the issue, upon arriving from another dimension, Willie Fawcett, a.k.a. Captain Thunder (whose powers are equivalent to Superman’s) is plagued by disturbing thoughts. While on the Earth from his dimension he was a hero, now he is prompted to be a villain every time he changes to his super-powered alter ego in this world. Only one thing stands in his way - Superman. This fight went back and forth until Superman tricks Captain Thunder into changing back to Willie. They both make a plan on letting Thunder use his wisdom to see the error of his ways and when Superman holds him, he eventually does.


SHAZAM! #30 (1977)
Dr. Sivana creates several steel creatures and animals to destroy Pittsburgh's steel mills, after getting the idea from reading an issue of Action comics. He finally creates a Superman robot made of a super-steel to destroy Captain Marvel. They both hit each other at the same moment, and the Superman is destroyed. 

As Superman floats through space, Kismet shows him visions of alternate realities. In one such possible future Superman is seen rampaging throughout the world as Captain Marvel and a host of other heroes are defeated at his feet.

An Elseworlds tale of Bat-Mite and Mr. Mxyzptlk hoping different reality’s while fighting each other.  Each new world they encounter is destroyed in the battle between the two imps, Bat-Mite fleeing and Mxyzptlk pursuing to another universe/world which is then destroyed. In the process they generally mock the characters/comics they encounter, often breaking the 4th wall and lampooning how seriously people "inside" comics take themselves given the often unbelievable or silly circumstances they encounter. When they come to the Kingdom Come universe, Captain Marvel is seen slugging it out with Superman in their final battle. But with the imps interference, they destroy this universe and this fight is never finished.

variant cover

variant cover
When Superman and many of his alternate versions including Ultraman and Captain Marvel team together to battle Mandrakk, the Dark Monitor, Ultraman has issues with both Superman and Captain Marvel throughout the entire story. Even to the point when Ultraman charges to fight Superman. Luckily, Captain Marvel appears and separates them.

A story based on the online game that is not in continuity to the mainstream DC Universe shows Superman losing control of his powers because of a conspiracy between Lex Luthor and Brainiac. When he sees Captain Marvel and the rest of the Justice League as monsters he attacks them and totally trashes the entire team.

An epic saga based on the popular video game that is not in continuity shows Superman about to kill Constantine (who is completely at his mercy). SHAZAM steps in and convinces Supes that his methods are not the way. As Superman turns in anger with his eyes blazing hot, he quickly realizes that SHAZAM (and Sinestro) are right. Soon, Superman thanks SHAZAM for saving him as only he could.

variant cover

Having been stuck under a power-dampening dome for over a year with Lois Lane, Superman finally gets free when the dome drops. With his powers back, Superman finds himself in Gotham city during the foulness of the Flashpoint world. Here he goes up against other versions of his friends and enemies. One such friend is Captain Marvel, whom he almost calls SHAZAM. But in this reality he is facing Captain Thunder who attacks him. After taking a few shots, Superman retaliates with a haymaker of his own that sends Thunder to the ground.

variant cover
This time Superman will take on Captain Thunder and a group of heroes from the Flashpoint timeline and thoroughly pound them. Captain Thunder is no exception and gets thrashed by a motivated Man of steel while Batman looks on.

Cover depicts SHAZAM and the Justice League in combat with Ultra-Man (who is basically an evil version of Superman) and the Crime Syndicate. While the two teams battle it out in the story itself, SHAZAM and Ultra-Man never fight each other.

Superman kills SHAZAM in this issue by freezing his mouth shut and shooting heat vision into his eyes and through the back of his skull. NUFF SAID.


Listed here will be any time Superman and Captain Marvel battled each other on cartoons, animated features, movies, sitcoms, video games, magazine covers, etc. Now this category might not be in actual continuity but it plays a very important role in how the mainstream audience views each character. Plus, these two have had some of the most legendary fights ever to be animated onto the small screen and they cannot be denied.

Now this movie is the most obscure and unknown Captain Marvel vs Superman fight ever. Starring Jack Carson as Biff Jones, who is a driver/salesman for the Good Humor ice-cream company. He hopes to marry his girl Margie, who works as a secretary for Stuart Nagel, an insurance investigator. Margie won't marry Biff, though, because she is the sole support of her kid brother, Johnny. Biff gets involved with Bonnie, a young woman he tries to rescue from gangsters. But Biff's attempts to help her only get him accused of murder. When the police refuse to believe his story, it's up to Biff and Johnny to prove Biff's innocence and solve the crime. The story is particularly interesting because Biff is a member of Johnny's Captain Marvel fan club (the secret word to get into the club house is Captain Marvel said backwards) and Biff goes about his life trying to be a good person doing what Captain Marvel would do in similar situations. And the main villain of the show is eventually revealed to be Stuart Nagel who is played by none other than the Adventures of Superman star George Reeves!! That's right, just a mere two years before Reeves got the role of Superman he was the bad guy in this movie and the main adversary of Captain Marvel fanboy Biff Jones. Sure, Reeves isn't Superman in this--but he soon would be. And anyone watching the movie today will have a few laughs knowing that the Superman vs Captain Marvel rivalry is alive and well in it!! HOLY MOLEY what a coincidence!!! It's great as Johnny and the rest of the Captain Marvel club comes to help Biff out against Stuart and his thug cronies. 

Beautiful cover done by the master, Alex Ross. Image is of Captain Marvel amidst bodies of defeated superheroes and movie characters including; Superman, The Hulk, Spawn, Wolverine (from Kingdom Come), The Punisher, Lobo, Venom, and many others. Is Mr. Ross telling us that Captain Marvel really is the "Big Red Cheese" in the comic's world? You decide.

In probably one of the best episodes of the entire Justice League Unlimited series, Superman and Captain Marvel “clash!” Throughout the episode Superman had a little grudge to pick with Captain Marvel and seemed to always be on his case (he was a little ticked that other JL members felt Marvel was a perfect replacement for him). Eventually Lex Luthor tricks them into fighting and Superman gladly obliges. The big fight in this is simply amazing and could well be one of the greatest slugfests ever seen in a cartoon. The sheer amount of collateral damage that occurs to Luthor’s new ‘Lexor City’ is jaw-dropping. Windows shatter, buildings collapse and the city gets totaled. It’s a nice back and forth fight where Superman begins to take the edge and get’s the better of Captain Marvel. The ending of the battle also pays homage to their legendary Kingdom Come battle. In which Captain Marvel is holding Superman in a bear hug and calls down his magical lightning to strike Superman in the chest, causing him tremendous pain. But Superman breaks free from Captain Marvel’s grip and makes the Big Red Cheese the target, now the magical lightning changes Marvel back into Billy Batson. As Billy tries to walk away and shout “SHAZAM!” again, Superman holds his mouth shut and says, “Fight’s over son.” One of the highlights of the episode was the speech Captain Marvel gave the Justice League at the end of the episode, as he focused on how much the League has changed as heroes. No longer happy to just do the good fight, they seem jaded—and to those complaining about how much of a stubborn ass Superman was, they likely agreed with Captain Marvel. 

While this is not just a Superman vs Captain Marvel fighting game (because many characters are in it), you can play this legendary match up at anytime. Both heroes are some of the best and most powerful characters to play in the entire game and using them will bring you hours of fun. With all their moves and abilities at your disposal, every fight is right out of the comic books and onto the screen. There can be no doubt that this is truly one of the most fun and addicting games that any Superman or Captain Marvel fan could ever play. 

This animated feature does a great job of adapting the original first 6 issues of the Superman/Batman series onto the screen. However, due to time the Superman/Batman and Captain Marvel/Hawkman battle royal does not end exactly like it did in the comics. It’s a tremendous fight nonetheless with Captain Marvel getting the better in the one-on-one, hand-to-hand scrap with Superman. But one has to assume that Supes and Batman are victorious with their team work and “castling” maneuver even though you never see the ending of the battle. 

Cover shows Superman and Captain Marvel slugging it out from the cover of All New Collectors' Edition #58. But artist Rich Buckler (who is the artist on the original comic back in 1978) did this cover with a little twist. Can you spot what's different?


The premise of Crisis on Two Earths is borrowed from the 1964 Gardner Fox-scripted Justice League of America #29–30 entitled "Crisis on Earth-Three!" as well as the 2000 Grant Morrison JLA: Earth 2 graphic novel, with a heroic Lex Luthor from an alternate universe coming to the Justice League's universe for help against the Crime Syndicate, but it is not an adaptation of either story. In this feature, Superman and the Justice League fight the Crime Syndicate which are evil parallel versions of themselves. In a fight in the sky, Superman takes on both Super Woman and Captain Super (this universe’s Captain Marvel who doesn't seem to be as powerful as his DC counterpart) and fights them to a standstill before he escapes

When the lesser known Super Friends feel rejected by Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman, Plastic Man and Black Lightning lead them into expressing the feelings of not living up to their team name through a show tune routine. Upon hearing this, Superman suggests that the team be renamed to the Justice League and Batman orders the the team to get him a soda. While this does not have a "Superman vs Captain Marvel" fight in the episode, it does show Superman giving Billy Batson/SHAZAM a bill because he is a minor.

Taking it a step further from the Mortal Combat vs DC Universe fighting game, Injustice: Gods Walk Among Us uses The New 52 interpretations of the DC characters and pits them into battle against each other while adding much more depth and options to the game. While this is not just a Superman vs SHAZAM fighting game (because many characters are in it), you can play this legendary match up at anytime. Both heroes are some of the best and most powerful characters to play in the entire game and using them will bring you hours of fun. An IOS/Android and "Ultimate Edition" version was later released with all downloadable content included.

BACK ISSUE #66 (2013)
I have to list this magazine because not only is this my very first nationally published work, but also this "Superman vs Captain Marvel" write up appears in it. Let's just say, this magazine changed my life as the heroes finally gave me something back! SHAZAM!

Order BACK ISSUE #66 here:

A teaser of the first two waves of the upcoming Super Powers line done in classic Mego 8" scale. Teaser shows Superman and Captain Marvel (SHAZAM!) locked in toy battle with "Fist-Fighting Action!" Very cool retro action that fans will enjoy.

An incredibly fun video game that showcases LEGO Batman and over 50 characters including Superman (a bunch of different incarnations) and Captain Marvel/SHAZAM. While there is no actual Superman vs Captain Marvel/SHAZAM in the game, once you unlock each character and use the Free Roam gameplay, you can have them team up or fight it out. Either way, this is a game all fans must experience.

INJUSTICE 2 (2017)
A sequel to the legendary video game that came out back in 2013. While new characters and maneuvers have been added to make the fights even more epic, Superman and SHAZAM return to continue their rivalry. This time players will also be able to customize the look of their characters and upgrade their abilities such as speed, strength and health.

(image on shirt)

SHAZAM! (2019)
While the SHAZAM! movie had a special cameo appearance of Superman at the end, it was in the end credits that showed SHAZAM! competing against the big guns in the DC Universe such as Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman and Superman. In their animated scene, SHAZAM! locks up in an arm wrestling match with Superman.


Despite who you like better, you have to give both characters respect. Their powers and adventures have contributed to a number of elements to both comic book culture and pop culture in general. The most notable of these was the regular use of Superman and Captain Marvel as adversaries in Modern Age comic book stories. And this write up is my honorable dedication to that.

Okay fanboys, lets get down to the nitty-gritty and analyze the whole "Superman vs Captain Marvel" debate once and for all and finally get out the truth. In 18 match ups Superman takes the slight edge over Captain Marvel 2 to 1. But sometimes numbers don't always tell the whole story (especially in the open ended world of comic books). If you look over all their fights with unbiased eyes you can see that Captain Marvel has the only legit toe-to-toe win in All Star Squadron #36 and in Superman/Batman #4 you can see, once again, his dominance in a fist-fight. The Man of Steel can only claim to have a legit win in Kingdom Come #4 when he used Captain Marvel's very own magical lightning against him to change him back into Billy Batson, but in the punch-up itself, it looked like Marvel had the slight edge overall. Superman did have a tremendous knock out win in All New Collectors’ Edition #58, but that wasn't a fair fight by any means as The World's Mightiest Mortal was depowered. Superman's dominance in Action Comics Annual #4 when he was possessed by Eclipso doesn't really count. I'm not sure what to make of "The New 52" versions of the characters as Superman looked arguably a tad better than the newly billed..."SHAZAM" in their fight from Justice League #22, but to SHAZAM's credit, he was fighting both Superman and Wonder Woman and despite taking a huge punch from the Man of Steel that floored him in the end, he sat up and was unhurt by it. The rest of their slugfests from their history are all pretty even.

Superman and Captain Marvel seem to be complete equals in strength, power and ability, no doubt about it (I would even give Supes the edge in overall versatile power output). But Marvel's major advantage comes from the fact that he is composed of magic, and that's a major Superman weakness. No matter how hard any Superman fanboy will debate this fight, it's just his fight to lose. Superman is susceptible to magic and magic is what Captain Marvel is all about...end of debate! 

Now before Superman fans riot the streets, let me make something clear--Superman can beat Captain Marvel. Supes is so vastly powerful, that he is widely considered the number #1 hero in the DC Universe because of all the things he can do. He is capable of defeating just about any comic book character. But more often than not, he will lose to Captain Marvel! And this is a very important fact for comic book fans to know because despite how long Captain Marvel has remained in Superman's shadow, he is just as powerful as him. Hopefully now, The Power of Shazam can be given its proper respect (I hope the DC big-wigs are reading this)!

So now I dare you to find anything on the internet that comes close to this write up on the Superman vs Captain Marvel Rivalry. I'm so obsessed about this stinking fight that I can't sleep at night!! So it HAD to be the best write up out there!! IT HAD TO BE!!! So what do you fanboys think? Hit me up with some comments and opinions and give me a "HOW GOOD!!" SO GOOD!!" or a "SHAZAM!!!"

Agree? Disagree? Let's hear it fanboys...

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John Cimino
John Cimino is a Silver and Bronze Age comic, cartoon and memorabilia expert that runs a business called "Saturday Morning Collectibles." He buys, sells, appraises and gives seminars on everything pop culture, so if you got something special, let him know about it. He contributes articles to ALTER EGO, RETRO FAN, BACK ISSUE and THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR from TwoMorrows Publishing, runs the Roy Thomas Appreciation Board on Facebook and has appeared on the AMC reality show Comic Book Men. He also represents some of comicdoms biggest stars and brings them to a Comic Con near you. John likes to think he's the real Captain Marvel, people just don't have the heart to tell him he's just an obsessed fanboy that loves to play superheroes with his daughter Bryn. Contact him at or follow him on Instagram at megostretchhulk.


  1. You got it! Best comparison ever of the man of steel versus the world's mightiest mortal. So rest easy.

    I've always thought Captain Marvel had the edge. Captain Marvel should have more powers if you view the gods from which they derive. Needless to say Superman has more vulneralbilities.

    Cap just doesn't get the defining exposure he has so earned. Cap should viewed with the same awe as Black Adam but writers fluctuate on how to handle Cap.

    You've inspired me. I think I'll write a comparison of two superheroes. To get a clue of who one of them maybe check out this link.

    Again great job.

  2. This was an extremely awesome write up. I've always liked both of them and could never chose which one I liked better. Great job man.

  3. I really like this article. The guy made ​​an excellent summary. One of my favorite articles on the Internet. Congratulations dude.

  4. My son's favorite is Captain Marvel but I like Superman. I wish I could get a color copy of this article for a hardcopy. It's sweet. Thank you.


  5. Honestly I think Captian Marvel could kick Supes butt! Supes weakness is kryptonite, Captain Marvel has none. Marvel also has the knowledge advantage. If superman wasn't so popular, Marvel would wipe the floor with him

    1. Superman actually has the knowledge advantage, while Captain Marvel (that's who he'll ALWAYS be to me, like Cat Stevens and John Cougar) has the WISDOM advantage. That means Cap might know how best to put certain knowledge to use, but he doesn't know everything. Superman has been around longer, and been exposed to so much more than Captain Marvel. He simply knows MORE than the good Captain, Parker. :)

      And HE? A GREAT article! :)

    2. Capt. Marvel is my pick over Superman, but I love them both. Thing is The good Captain has one really glaring weakness. Despite everything else, he is still just a little boy and has all the mental flaws that come with it. Yes he has great wisdom but book smarts mean nothing without real experience to back it up.

  6. Best write-up on this rivalry ever.
    I will no longer get into fights about this but just post a link to this.

    Nice one.

  7. Back during WWII I couldn't wait to get to the corner drug store each month to pick up a copy of Captain Marvel. I was not as captivated by Superman nor could ever be Superman, who came from outer space, but if I could have hit on another word like "Shazam" . . . who knows? Capt. Marvel fired up the imagination. He was indestructible and no way during my elementary school years was Superman his equal.

  8. Nice, friend. It’s woendrful to have you on our side

  9. This was a very cool write-up!!

  10. I got this sent to me and I thought I should post it here, very interesting...

    Which is the Greatest Rivalry of all time Superman vs Captain Marvel or Hulk vs Thor?

    Hulk vs Thor, no contest because:

    1)Thor and Hulk are traditionally written as characters of great passion/emotion who will snap on someone even when they aren't in a fight. Superman and CM...not so much.

    2)Thor and Hulk genuinely dislike each other much of the time: A)Thor viewing Hulk as a brutish, ill-mannered lout who threatens public safety (even if unintentionally) and needs to be put in his (mortal) place + B)Hulk seeing Thor as an arrogant braggart, unfairly contemptuous of him and delusional to think Thor can match strength with him. On the other side, it takes really specific plot circumstances for Supes and CM to come to blows and usually reluctantly and/or mind-controlled at at that. No real bad fellings between them.

    3) Thor and (especially) Hulk *really* care about who's stronger/better in fight. Supes and CM only in a friendly, teasing sense.

    4) Thor and Hulk are actual rivals in popularity among comics fans (and now movigoers too). Supes and CM...are not. Once CM was actually more popular than Superman (saleswise, at least) but the character never recovered from the legal beatdown DC put on Fawcett which resulted in him being unpublished for a couple of decades. And since DC bought the character, they have never really been able to recreate the mojo thet made him a sensation in the first place. Movies/TV series? Supes, about 13-2 since the late 50's (that's counting each Superman/whoever, Superfriends, Justice League animated runs all together as 1 series) and nothing for CM but guest shots the last couple of decades...

    5) This Board. Thor/Hulk can fill a page in a minute (seemingly). Superman/Captain Marvel...*crickets chirping*

  11. Sorry to rain down on your parade but the all star squadron fight is EARTH 2 SUPERMAN

  12. Maybe you should read the write up in its entirety before you try to discredit it.

    And you being a DC fan should know that DC now considers all versions of Superman from Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Modern Ages to be legit Superman. Paul Levitz himself told me this so...

    1. You would have to prove he told you, as anybody can claim anything on the Internet. The comics contradict your claim that every different version of Superman is the same Superman. If Earth-2 Superman fought New Earth/Post-CRISIS Superman, how does that not prove you wrong on you can use all versions of Superman as one record instead of separate by the different versions?

      And actually the evidence shows Superman to be superior, not them equal.

  13. Beautifully done, thanks!


  14. Hey,
    Great review of all the fights. But about your "definitive" win...The All Star Squadron featured Kal-L...the Superman of Earth-Two...who was much weaker than Kal-El...the Superman of Earth-One (I am of course taking into account Pre-Crisis 1986 power levels)


  15. Ok I have to ask this though - why did you give the Kingdom Come fight to Superman?
    Is it because Captain Marvel reverted to Billy and could have been killed by Superman? Or was it because after that explosion Superman survived where Captain Marvel did not?

    I read the fight again and clearly Captain Marvel had Superman on the ropes before that transformation and probably could have knocked him out should he have gone and slugged him a few more

    1. Yes, Captain Marvel looked better and stronger in the punch up but when Superman managed to revert CM back into Billy, the fight was over and it was CM who lost. There was nothing he could do and Supes showed his timeless mercy. As for the explosion, that happened after the fight and it holds no merit in the result of it.

  16. Superman was trying to talk marvel down the whole time and wasn't being as ruthless as marvel so you could say he was holding back. Plus it don't matter how you win the fight or how many style points you rack up. I've watched many real fights in ufc and boxing where the guy dominating the fight got knocked out or submitted.

    Also the allstar squadron battle wouldn't count in my book but your evaluation is one of the best i've ever seen.

  17. Agreed. I was a fan of neither growing up or in my teens, but appreciate both these days.

    Supes vulnerability to magic should make this an easy call really. I beleive supes is a fair bit more powerful, but it shouldn't matter in a head to head. Fanboyism & protecting their intellectual property is the only reason supes ever wins or escapes a beatdown in this case.

  18. gotta say, best comparison ever. i must say that Supe's strength is above CM'S as long as he's under the yellow sun, given that however, CM has the advantage which coincidentally is Supe's weakness, magic

    1. Thanks for the complement, but you are way wrong on the strength level part. Superman has NEVER been shown to be "physically" stronger than CM and a better argument can be made of CM being shown to be stronger than Supes (due to all their toe-to-toe fights). Every time they have compared strength against the other it has been shown as equal. Remember this, just because Superman is shown moving a planet or lifting a trillion tons, when he faces off with CM and has no hope of overpowering him, what does that make CM? Remember, facts are not based on YOUR love for the character, but of what happens in the comics themselves.

  19. Gotta throw my 2 cents in, it was a long established fact that the earth 2 Superman was older and weaker than the earth 1 version. This was even mentioned in the issue where Sivana stole Marvel's powers where he was disappointed in realizing who he defeated.And Alex Ross has a STRONG bias towards Marvel, so anything he has his hands in always gives the edge to Marvel. Just take a look at the Justice storyline, hehad Superman screaming for help and Marvel swoops in and beats everyone fighting Superman in a few panels. And for some strange reason, Superman's weakness to magic is suppose to be that he is just as susceptible to it as anyone else but it keeps getting written as though it makes his powers fail. Anyway, excellent write up, I thought I was the only person on earth as fascinated with this.

  20. When the legendary Captain Marvel actor from the SHAZAM Live-Action series, Jackson Bostwick sends me a response on this article, you better believe I'm posting it up for EVERYONE to see...SHAZAM!!!

    "Outstanding article. Well researched and interesting to read. Keep up the good work, John. The name, Captain Marvel, (now being called Shazam. UGH!) as well as the character himself (a now demonic, hoodied alter ego of Jeffrey Dahmer. Arrg!), is once again under siege and needs all of the "pure of heart" fan support he had originally been created for."

    -Jackson Bostwick

  21. Hello,

    Great write up. These blog entries are great reads.

    Regarding whether magic should necessarily give Cap the edge over Superman, I'll say yes and no. I think it's mostly a newer wrinkle to this rivalry. There are a whole bunch of ways you could interpret how Superman fares against magical beings, but I like to defer to Kurt Busiek's explanation when Thor fought Superman in JLA/Avengers, because it seems to be the one that makes the most sense and doesn't seem to rely on conveniences to advance the plot. Just the fact that Thor and Mjolnir have magical properties doesn't mean that Superman will automatically be disadvantaged. That's why Superman was able to catch Mjolnir while Thor was swinging it. Regarding this particular fight, I always interpreted it more as Cap's magic simply made him strong, not so much that it was a large component of his offensive strikes. I thought that's what was happening in Kingdom Come, that's how the JLU cartoon interpreted it, and that magic didn't really get incorporated into Cap's punches until JLA #29, and implied in Superman/Batman #4. I acknowledge, though, that the magic element seems to be in play in this New 52, simply based on the previews.

    Also, I never read it, but someone once told me that in the Kingdom Come novelization, Superman solved his magic vulnerability. He just needed to understand how magic worked, and once he did, it couldn't hurt him. I never read it, though, so that should be fact-checked.

    Anyway, even with magic, I say this fight is a dead heat. Remember, Cap doesn't have heat vision, cold breath, and handful of other powers.

    1. Superman was bleeding in Kingdom Come from Captain Marvel's attacks.
      CM didn't have a mark on him.
      CM threw him to the ground with one hand.

  22. Hi there,

    Great site, I appreciate the tremendous detail and devotion to both iconic characters.

    Some of your readers are questioning the validity of the All-Star Comics #36 punchout which resulted in a victory for Captain Marvel on the grounds that since that was the Earth-2 Superman, it has no bearing on matchups between Cap and other versions of the character. The assumption is that the Earth-2 Superman was significantly less powerful than the Earth-1 version of the character. I can't give you the issue number, I'm afraid, but back in the 70s there was a slugfest between the Earth-1 and Earth-2 Supermen as part of the annual team-up between the Justice League and Justice Society. The two heroes fought to a draw when both men succumbed to exhaustion, resulting in a double-knockout. If this doesn't indicate the two were on a par, nothing will.

    In any event, both Superman and Captain Marvel are two of my favorite heroes. Glad to see a website that revels in their great rivalry while giving each the respect they deserve.

    1. Very nice response my friend.

      When Paul Levitz himself told me that both Earth-1 and Earth-2 Supermen were completely equal and the same on all levels. Who am I to argue with that?

    2. Actually it was Alll-Star Squadron #36 not All-Star Comics,that series had the original stories of the JSA.
      The battle between the two Superman (before DC decided to age the Earth-To Superman or even significantly alter his "S")was in Justice League of America Vol.1 #74.
      So taking the "mind controlled" Superman of Earth-Two(that was still considered in his prime) that fought the Superman of Earth-One to a standstill does imply that when Captain Marvel fought a clear headed/yet peeved Superman of Earth-Two (in his 1940's prime) in All-Star Squadron and kicked his butt 7 ways to sunday,that it's only reasonable to assume that Captain Marvel should have similiar results to Superman of Earth-One.

  23. One thing I don't get is this- why does Lightning turn Cap back into Billy? Doesn't he USE that lightning to bolster his powers in other issues?

    BTW- MUCH love for Captain Marvel. Call me a traditionalist, but he can out strong the strong, out think the wise, out boyscout a boyscout, and still make for a fantastic read. I'll never call him Shazam. And I'll never refer to the Marvel creation as "Captain Marvel" either. Just once I think he should get the treatment he deserves- and show aliens everywhere (Krypton included) that earth has it's OWN heros, and they are TOP NOTCH.

  24. Amo esses dois heróis. Gostei muito do seu artigo. Mas devo confessar que numa luta entre os dois eu torço sempre pelo Shazam (Capitão Marvel)

  25. It's not magic that makes superman so vulnerable. He has the powers of five Greek gods and a person who's legendary wisdom was considered worth gods time so It's not magic that hurts superman, he can just feel the power from Captain Marvel's blows, just like Captain Marvel felt superman. To me it's not more powerful, that's almost always going to be superman since DC worships him and fan boy's would never let him lose. That's the difference about Captain Marvel and superman, captain isn't looking to be the most powerful, he's looking to save people. Superman is always the powerful savior but captain always thinks of other people, never there to show off. he's a real hero, even when he has nothing he's willing to give everything. superman had a family, captain marvel didn't. Yet he still thinks of other people, he's a good person.

  26. And this is also why THOR beats Superman.

  27. Most of you got this wrong. First off, most of the writers need to be fired with the exception of Grant Morrison. They are contradicting themselves (just look at the comics in comparison with the movies and tv shows). Secondly, Captaim Marvel doesn`t stand a chance. Superman has shown to destroy planets, no matter what the writers say. Batman has been able to take down CM using explosives. It should be no different when Superman one-shots CM. There was a tv episode (crash i think) where Superman dominates CM. That is exactly what would happen only Superman would defeat him sooner. Ive read both comics and there is no way CM would hold out-its not because im a DC worshipper either. And thirdly, DC magic is starting sound like world of warcraft or something. IT IS STUPID! All magic uses physics in some form. How else would it affect the mortals? I cant believe i have to explain all of this to you CM worshippers. Here are two qoutes I'm sure you all have heard: "Superman is as strong as he NEEDS to be." And lionel luthor said "he needs NO ONE".

    1. Looks like you should be running DC Comics because you have a lot of great

  28. it's common sense if superman really wanted captain marvel dead he would just sneak through and choke the kid before he could say the end of the day superman is immortal and billy the kid is not.

    1. How can some people be so stupid. Superman fanboys are a foolish lot. LOL!!

  29. Captain Marvel will defiantly win this fight. The question is, will DC ever let that happen?

  30. I think it's great that somebody put this rivalry out there with the truth behind it. Captain Marvel really is the better character.

  31. I'll requote you something beatboks1 said on your Comicvine article since I think you'll pay it more heed on here. I'm Lvenger by the way so this quote from here is in beatboks1's words, not my own. I have an insight to add later on

    "WOW, you had to bump this after all this time just to show your biased and misrepresented viewpoint.

    The whole article you linked in the OP draws it's final conclusion from a completely flawed analysis which I stated a page or two ( and over a year ) ago.

    The whole basis of the write up is that even though Superman has the 2 to 1 advantage in the overall print battles Cap wins because he had the only real hands down victory.

    The problem is that the victory he had ( in All Star Squadron 36) was not against anything that any normal person would call Superman. It was against the superman of 1940. The one who could not fly only leap. the one who was not around light speed but only faster than a speeding bullet ( around mach 1 maybe 2). The Superman who could be brought down by exploding shells. Even though it was this weak ass Superman who faced a full powered Captain Marvel ( who has always been that powerful and was the reason Superman was powered up because Whiz comics sold over a million copies per print by the end of 1940) he still only JUST one.

    really that battle was more like Cap fighting Luke Cage, because that si around teh level that Superman of that era was. Personally I'd say that's a strong case for him loosing this hands down."

    Furthermore your whole magic argument for is flawed given how you overlook Superman's actual feats for resisting some magical attacks. The one from Superman 216 has no evidence that Eclipso's possession enhanced Superman's magical resistance. You mind telling me where you got that from because I don't regard plucking assumptions out of thin air as valid reasoning. In JLA: Primeval, Superman resists magical transmutation lightning from the villain named Disciple that took out the rest of the JLA whereas Superman lasted long enough to get the finishing blow in on the guy. On other occasions, Superman has resisted magical transmutation attacks. And in War of the Gods Superman tanks a magical bolt from Circe aimed at destroying Themyscira.

    And these are all Post Crisis feats. I don't find taking all their match ups and tallying them up to be the best way to win anyway. If you actually looked at some feats for these characters, granted they are close in strength and durability but Cap's combat speed feats aren't that clear. On the other hand, Superman has hypersonic+ combat speed at least and nanosecond reaction times. And he sees lightning in slow motion so if CM pulls that out it shouldn't work unless he's bear hugging him. And even then, there was no evidence Eclipso enhanced Superman's magical resistance so he can still tank it fairly easily.

    1. Thanks for the great response. But here is what you're missing.

      You are looking at a lot of "logic" and giving me examples from other issues to try and justify your argument. Well, this is good only to a small degree because so many writers work on these characters and all of them have very different perspectives in how things work. So you have to disregard a lot of it and just work with the issues that have the two characters in it to compare them. Feats are completely irrelevant to writers (just ask them), they just want to write good stories and truth is, they couldn't care less about what fanboys think. So if Superman does this or that in another issue and cannot do it in an issue against Captain Marvel, then I have to go with the latter. It's the only way.

      Now about Earth 2 Superman. Fanboys will always shout out their disdain for that CM win (I think it's more because of Supes being humbled as such). And we can both have our arguments until doomsday without ever having any real conclusion, so you have to do the best thing...ask an authority. Not some fanboy or comic clerk down the street, a person of power in the industry that has more say than either of us. Why? Because DC pays them for their opinions plain and simple. Once you get through the reality of that, your mind will be at ease. So for my research, I spoke with former DC President Paul Levitz AND editor/writer Roy Thomas about it. Levitz said to me "All Superman's are the REAL Superman plain and simple". Roy Thomas told me that Captain Marvel was always the more powerful and Superman and CM writer/artist Jerry Ordway said the same. He also told me that DC would never let him get away with doing a REAL CM vs Superman fight (oh, do you consider them "normal" people). Who am I to argue with that? Who are you too? Well, you might say, but I don't think he's right and my opinion means more...but in truth, it doesn't. They have the power and they have the say and it means more than yours. DC pays them, you pay DC (and them) for their you lose that argument every time.

      Want to voice a stronger opinion and not just some mindless double-talk on a message board? Go get a job at DC and write the story you want and make it cannon. Then nobody can complain!

      Now once again, you can say Earth 2 Superman is less powerful? Well, if you want me to go your route and throw past comics into the mix, I remember that both Superman's fought to an absolute draw in the Infinite Crisis story line. So what does that tell you?

      But I digress, I write by fact and unbiased and sometimes it amazes people and sometimes it angers them...either way I get paid for it, so I guess I'm doing something right.

      Thanks for your time.

    2. Well I wasn't expecting that. Clearly you don't seem to have much experience on battle forum boards since feats mean everything. True they change from writer to writer but it is possible to set up a standard to measure feats from several years worth of writing. It's ludicrous to think otherwise as on a battle forum where writing isn't an issue, measuring the feats as well as meetings of the characters gives a far better representation. Writer statements help but they aren't the whole story.

      As for your Earth 2 point, it's incorrect in that first it's an alternative version of Superman and second, it was a much weaker version of the Earth 2 Superman. CM beat the Golden Age Superman before any of his upgrades. The Superman of that era couldn't fly yet ( that was about 4 months later) was no-where near as strong as he was depicted from 41 to 46 and certainly well shy of from 46 onward where he was pretty much SA level powers. The fight was set in 1942 and Superman still had GA powers, not the increased powers the older Earth 2 Superman had. So it's incorrect to cite that as the most legitimate victory for CM when he beat a weaker version of Superman.

      As for your writer points, let me address it thusly. Levitz's point is a tad outrageous given the clear distinctions between GA, SA, modern and New 52 versions of the characters. You cannot say that all versions are the same when the differences in personality and powers are so gapingly obvious. Roy Thomas and Ordway's points are so subjective it's laughable. Even if they're sincere, they were in charge during the 70s and 80s, the SA period and don't have much knowledge of modern day showings. So your argument is outdated there. Just because they used to make the rules doesn't mean we abide by them now when they aren't in charge and don't have a say anymore. You should have asked Didio, Lee, Johns or modern day DC execs for a more up to date argument.

      Is that an insult? Because some of the best debaters on this "mindless double-talk on a message board" I'm from could debate you into the ground with the greatest of ease. You may think I'm bad news but I know people who would grind you into paste in an actual debate with these 2 characters. Your misinterpreted posts wouldn't last 5 seconds against them.

      As I said before, that was a pre upgraded GA/Earth 2 Superman who was younger and less powerful. As Kryptonians get older, they absorb more solar radiation and become more powerful. It's an idea well explored in modern comic books. When the KC version of Superman came to New Earth in Thy Kingdom Come, he was depicted as far more powerful than modern Superman. Similarly the E2 Superman was older and had absorbed more solar radiation so he was more powerful than at the time he fought CM. And he still stalemated modern Superman in that Infinite Crisis story. What does that tell you?

      You say you write by fact and unbiased yet you ignore other showings of Superman and CM and base your view on a debunked argument. And just because you get paid for it like writers and creators do, I wouldn't be on such a high horse. Your arguments have been debunked on CV many times so it's no wonder you aren't on there that often.

    3. Hahahaha, classic fanboy comback lol!!

      Well I can debate and this guy can debate and this guy because he did this in that comic, blah, blah, blah.

      Internet warrior, go write a comic and do something with your life. Shooting down what Paul Levitz, Thomas and Ordway says is just in your nature. I'm sure you can write it better? Then why aren't you? Nope, your on some message board complaining about stuff. Guys like you make me laugh.

      Thanks for this write up John, you did an excellent job. And when these keyboard "debaters" come out of the woodwork crying foul, I know you're on the right track.

      Man, I would love to see what this guy looks like.

    4. Now, now guys, we are all entitled to our opinions so we have to respect that.

      Thanks for the passion.

      Oh, and if you like or dislike this Superman and Captain Marvel write up make sure you pick up BACK ISSUE #66 coming out July 17th...because it's gonna be cannon!!! That's right, it's going national and BI editor Michael Eury is going to make it look good! And for your info, Mr. Eury used to be an editor at DC Comics and he even believes in the article to be unbiased and based on absolute fact...and he loved it (which made me blush). Can't argue with that, can you?

      So, this Wednesday (3/27/13) go to your comic shop and pick up the new Previews catalog #295 and put in an order for Back Issue #66!! It will be released in July 17, 2013!!!!

      Or put in your order here NOW at the link below!!

    5. Who is this Lvenger that brags about being such a great message board debater? That is something you shouldn't brag about because it confirms how much of a sad sack you are. Be a fan, not an obsessed fanboy. BTW, You are wrong with the Earth 2 Superman in ASS because he IS flying throughout the issue! Captain Marvel beat him, deal with it...Superman lost!

      The writer of this blog even states he was writing about EVERY Superman and Captain Marvel fight from all realities. Read it again!

      And why you also lose more credibility to this debate is because you say the creators are outdated and irrelevant? Who are you to say that? You're just a loser fanboy who thinks he has more say than the ones who give you your entertainment. What is "Lvenger" compared to Paul Levitz, Roy Thomas, and Jerry Ordway? Where is your published work? Give me a link please? You are a simpleton who thinks he is better than what? Debating on a message board? Can you play sports? Do you have a girl friend? Do you live in your mommies basement? Honestly, you're a joke and give productive comic fans a bad name with your "entitled" fanboy attitude. What do you even do in life?

      The writer of this blog should be commended for doing the best write up on Superman and Captain Marvel ever. And just to spite you punk, I'm ordering two issues of Back Issue #66!

  32. Its a close fight but have to go with Captain Marvel. Superman is vulnerable to magic and that will give him the advantage.

    1. I always thought that this was fairly obvious. The only thing that hinders Captain Marvel is DC itself.

  33. Captain Marvel, defined to have the following powers:

    Magically bestowed aspects of various mythological figures which include; Wisdom of Solomon; grants him instant access to a vast amount of scholarly knowledge, including most known languages and sciences, he has exceptional photographic recall and mental acuity allowing him to read and decipher hieroglyphics, recall everything he has ever learned and solve long mathematical equations, he also has a great understanding of divine phenomena in the mortal world, this wisdom also provides him with counsel and advice in times of need). Strength of Hercules; grants him immense superhuman strength, making him easily one of DC Comics' strongest characters. Stamina of Atlas; grants him vast invulnerability and he does not need to eat, breathe or sleep and can survive unaided in space. Power of Zeus; grants him resistance against all magic spells and attacks and the ability to call down magical lightning, this lightning has several uses, such as creating apparatus, restoring damage done to him, and acting as fuel for magic spells, it can also turn other Marvels back by striking them, and it aids inter-dimensional travel at the Rock of Eternity. Courage of Achilles; also grants mental fortitude and protection to most mental attacks. And the Speed of Mercury; he can move, react, run and fly at superhuman speeds faster than the speed of light.

    If someone has found where his flying power comes from in this definition, please let me know!

    On the other hand, "magic' is a very nice word. It helps to explain illogical stuff.

    So, superman is vulnerable to magic. I have yet to see "shazam" using spells such as "sleep" or "magic missile", therefor this is all about being strong thanks to magic. Since magic defines, which means you get a power to an extent due to the "spell" used, Captain Marvel has obviously a limit. Superman on the other hand does not, as I understand, he is like Hulk in that he can be stronger when required, because his abilities are provided through energy manipulation.

    So the writers should be honest and define the "hercules' strength",because whatever limit this strength is, Superman will at some point surpass it. We are talking of someone who have beaten the HULK (Superman).

    1. The first mistake bout this is that you use the word "illogical". It's "illogical" for CM to fly by magic and yet you believe that some alien comes to this world and can fly under a yellow sun?????

      Stop. Look around. And understand that there is nothing "illogical" about fake, imaginary stories of imaginary people in comic books. There are no limits because YOU say so. EVERYTHING is "illogical" in a comic book because that is why we read them.

  34. Batman can beat CM. A small missile launched from his arm will take him out. Having said that...if superman wanted to "end" CM or even black Adam, he could. CM and Superman will never fight to the point of death...but black Adam and Superman would. I saw the video and it was lame. If you think that Black Adam or CM stands a chance, then you DO NOT know Superman. Hero Envy, I respect, I really do. But there is no debate here. Superman was designed to be the most powerful creation. He is invulnerable and has no limit to what he can do. He limits himself. He even becomes immortal. And if either CM or black Adam were truly ever a threat, Superman-Prime (earth 1) would end them. He is second only to The Presence (God). I sound like a over obsessed fan of Super, but CM is just a pathetic copy of Superman. That is why fawcett comics lost. Come on u really think shazam or black Adam stand a chance? Why cause magic is a weakness? NOT! Magic affects everyone. Superman can tank that crap. He eventually becomes immune to its affects anyway. What makes its seem like Superman would lose to the magic is his humility and modesty. The guy has the power to destroy earth. And kill everyone on the planet. I'm done commenting and replying here. If any CM fan thinks that DC is "limiting" shazam, then they are just biased fans. I wish Grant Morrison would write a story of Superman becoming affected by red K and killing black Adam...that would be awesome.

  35. "Superman is susceptible to magic and magic is what Captain Marvel is all about...end of debate!" - I am lactose doesn't mean someone who drinks alot of milk can kick my butt.

  36. Drink a gallon of milk before we fight and while your stomach is rumbling and you're shitting all over yourself, I'll be winning the fight LOL!

    1. Lol!! Now that's some funny "shit" right there...

  37. ok this one comment goes out to allstaramerican and anyone who said superman would win based on feats he accomplished, and that there is a limit to hercules strength. For one if there is a limit to "magic" or strength from a god then it wouldn't really be magical, or it wouldn't be the strength of a god. I am pretty sure god's kinda have the power to decide their own strength, and magic is meant to defy all odds and if it has a limit then it has odds, and if it has odds then it cannot be defied, that is probably why the writers haven't written a definition of the limits of Hercules strength, I am not saying captain marvel shouldn't have limits, I am simply saying those may be reasons why they don't define it.

    And whoever says superman doesn't have limits to his strength because it is based on energy manipulation/absorption of yellow sunlight. Then you are wrong, I don't know if it is cannon, but in the movie all-star superman, he absorbs too much radiation that his cells can't process it, and he dies, or goes into the sun, and looks like he becomes part of it, so maybe he doesn't die, the point is even the great superman has limits. And people who say CM is just a copy of superman, and he isn't supposed to be more powerful, I can see that in a way, superman was created before. But I am pretty sure DC got in a lawsuit with Fawcett comics over the character claiming he was too much like superman or something along those lines. And eventually they ended up adopting the character as their own. THis tells me that they saw the character as a threat to superman, and if DC sees him as a threat then he obviously he is, otherwise they wouldn't have adopted him as their own and they wouldn't have made almost every battle a draw. Also if superman is only as strong as he needs to be, then how come most battle ended in a draw? and how come he lost? just asking I am curious.
    THis leads me to my final point, basing the fights off of feats or things said before the fights, and based on all his anatomy or whatever they say or do before their fights. You can't really base fights off of things they have done because it doesn't really mean anything, except determining statistics or odds against if you wanna place bets, and it makes the victory that much greater from the "underdogs" perspective. Saying someone would win a fight just because of past feats they have done or whatever, and deciding a victor before the fight or contest even starts. Having this mentality is like discrediting the miracle on ice in 1980. Because you would essentially be deciding a victor before the game even happened. And we all know who won that game. You can hype it up all you want, there is no problem with that, make predictions or whatever, but the only real way to know who is the victor is when they actually fight/play and no matter how it turns out someone will be upset, so you simply have to live with it.When it comes to the comics it is the people who write them that determine the outcome, so despite all the odds beforehand, during the fights that is all set aside, and whether we like it or not there is a victor chosen, so if you can get a fight written where superman crushes captain marvel or whatever and have it be made cannon then that will turn the tide. As for now, based on what i have read in this article, Captain Marvel is the only one who has a legit victory. And superman even admitted captain marvel was his equal, so you can argue who is stronger in your opinion, but if superman admits he is his equal, then he is his equal, and the victories or draws they have against each other probably come from sheer luck, or who can outwit one another, but obviously it is from the writer. As it stands now Captain Marvel is the victor, BUT that can obviously change, with more time, so only time can tell. I wish DC would embrace Captain Marvel more and make him even more of their figurehead, they can have him and superman be figureheads.

  38. I think you're over-estimating Supe's vulnerability to magic. Yes, Cap gets his strength, speed, etc, from magic, but once they're there they are strength, speed, etc. There may be magic powering those muscles, but once Cap starts throwing a punch the end result is muscles.

    1. What about when CM charges his fists with his magical lighting? I think CM wins this fight 9 out of 10 times. Only thing that protects Superman in this fight is DC Comics, he really has no chance against CM.

    2. No one really knows how vulnerable superman is to magic. I am simply saying CM's magic comes from zeus, and as far as we know the amount of magic that comes from him is immeasurable. just like how superman can soak up infinite amounts of sunlight, etc. It is simply used as something to make the characters seem as if they have no limits. When they fight head to head I think it all comes down to who can outwit each other, etc. I mean if you wanna amp up the fight even more put lord marvel, vs superman prime. The guy who has dominion over all of magic in the Universe, or superman after he has spent an eternity in a sun, the thing is no one really knows the extent of how much magic he has, or how much sunlight superman prime absorbed. I think that knowing that amount is incomprehensible, that is why this debate exists today, why there is even a rivalry (friendly rivalry) between the two. If there were limits set to how much magic Zeus gives cap, and how much strength superman has or whatever the case, then this rivalry and fight would've been settled long ago. Just have fun with it, they are two great characters, who are inherently equal, and they exist in the same universe, DC has got some damn good advertising with those two.

  39. So to stop Superman from entering, Marvel sucker punches the Man of Steel with two magically charged up punches and knocks him out cold. Hourman watching this event states, “Not many people can do that.” Captain Marvel feels low about the ambush but he accomplished his task. RESULT: NONE

    Curious how the result is "none" when Cap knocked Superman out.

    1. Well, no actual fight ever occurred. CM basically suckered Supes, got the jump on him and knocked him out cold. It's pretty easy to see...

    2. Because captain marvel didn't give the chance to superman to react or take action or he could save him self(Suoerman).

  40. I think all those people saying Superman whips CM (Shazam) are just biased fanboys. Shazam has the power of 6 gods, look at his power set its just awesome and he has no weaknesses and yes his trump card is MAGIC powered lightning. We all know magic powered attacks hurt superman, as seen by Diana's swords which can cut and bleed Superman. Kingdom Come was probably the best illustration of what would really happen if these two met. Superman was designed to be the strongest hero but only in his world. Shazam started out with a rival publisher where he was the strongest in that world. Simply truth is that both hold back and although Superman has his heat vision and more experience than Billy, Billy really does have the trump card of not having a weakness and using magic. Hence I totally agree that Captain Marvel has the edge here and I say that as a Superman fan since about 1978!! Its a great blog, well done.

  41. I guess superman is stronger since it takes 6 gods powers to combine to defeat superman. This gods though aren't the only gods in this dc universe therefore we know there power is limited and all it takes is for some new writer to come in and take superman's weakness against magic which is the dumbest thing I ever read. I'm not saying that superman will become invulnerable to magic but the fight won't only depend on magic. I guess I can saysuperman is a god in his own right then.

    So darkseid is stronger than any Greek god and cm because he can defeat superman without weakening superman with magic.

  42. supes just likes to bend shazam over and make him into a prison tw ink, just like scott cagle in pensacola

  43. Wow with all that said you still got it wrong.Superman is vulnerable to magic but he is not defenseless against it.I probably not even going to bother explaining it to you because you've already made up your mind.I really don't even know why I'm bothering. I'm not even the biggest Superman fan but good lord. Everyone can see that this is a man/ alien that always find a way to win.

  44. "So now I dare you to find anything on the internet that comes close to this write up on the Superman vs Captain Marvel Rivalry."

    I think the ScrewAttack Superman vs. Goku is up there. That seems to be the geek fantasy battle du jour these days.

  45. I really like this blog. I always wanted something like that happen and despite of all this yet they still make the animation "JUSTICE LEAGUE WAR" and showed shazam a poor character which is not even close to cyborg. The punches of his full strength with magic enhanced are not even moving darksied on the other hand the construct of green lantern as Bus and submarines are moving darksied at distance and he is feeling him. The punches from cyborg and flash are hurting him and wounder woman is putting quite a fight. But shazam seems to be useless as he is nothing. I want to know why?

  46. Superman wins this fight, in the New 52, Superman is vastly superior to Shazam; in Future's End, Shazam wears Superman's outfit as the Man of Steel has given up on the hero business and Constantine comes to Supes claiming Supes is the only one who could stop the oncoming crisis (return of Brainiac)... Hell Ultraman from Earth 3 destroying Black Adam with ease ends any argument here.

    1. When Ultraman E3 defeated Black Adam, it confirm his suscipions that everything on 52 Eath O was weaker than their planet, he joked about "with a word" then how does that series finishes, Ultraman shitting bricks to stop Lex from speaking one word "mazahs " Shazam"
      So (Ultraman) Superman of that earth was scared of Shazam. Trying to stop one character / being more powerful than him.

  47. Strongly disagree, shazam win, as we see the movie "The Return of black adao" he not only kills thanks to Superman, second in drawing the Justice League, the own shazam say that Superman was his idol as soon as could fight hard Total someone you admit?
    Both in the new 52 it shows at least the pair, as we see Constantine steal his power he says, "boy you do not have any idea of his power" and soon after Billy gets it back, Constantine bleeds

  48. beyond what he has powers of gods, search each of them, Billy is still developing his magic, learning to use better each and is logicoaceitavel have knocked out super with 2 punches if he merge the power of Zeus with the strength of Hercules just super pro, because besides being a very powerful combination, it is susceptible to magic

  49. I love the article. I think however that CM beats SM any day of the week. Once he figures out (Wisdom of Solomon) that SM is vulnerable to magic (Zeus) the fight would be over. Not to mention that CM can fight continuously without slowing or needing rest (Atlas) like SM would. I don't think you've given all of these factors enough weight in this. Any way great read.

  50. why you no speak of power of shazam 46 ???? superman win in this story. you forget this one.

  51. Uhhhhh, I don't know if you've read this entire article but that issue is included. And I don't know if you've read SHAZAM #46 either because Superman didn't win that fight at

    Maybe you should reread both again?

  52. Great comparison of Superman and Captain Marvel. Cap is very much Superman's equal! Awesome work you did comparing the 2 and I agree. In a fair fight, it's pretty much a coin flip! SHAZAM!!

  53. I don't like the new Shazam either. The New 52 Version is so retarded. They need to get rid of that hoodie and bring back the ORIGINAL Captain Marvel!! Are you listening DC? The new 52 Shazam is retarded looking. He looks like a villain now with that stupid hoodie over his head like some serial rapist or something. Bring back the ORIGINAL Captain Marvel. Don't fix what's not broken!

  54. I'm amazed by the sheer amount of information I get from this blog. Keep up the good work.

  55. *Writes entire article with material proving they are at least equal, though Superman won more engagements
    Concludes Marvel would win.
    Fanboy logic.

    1. I think the author did a great job of breaking down each characters powers well. Captain Marvel should be the favorite due to his magic and he gets the shaft because he isn't DC's leader. Superman's victories are because of circumstance and because writers cannot let that happen.

  56. I don't think Captain Marvel/Shazam was officially confirmed to be in Injustice 2.

    He died in the last game, so there's a chance he won't be in the game.

  57. I agree. Though Superman is more powerful in general. Captain Marvel is close to him in power and is his weakness. Besides if Atlas can beat Superman in two rounds even with help. Then whats stopping Captain Marvel from doing the same since he has his power plus more.

  58. Really great stuff! The only thing I disagree with you on is the Kingdom Come fight. You gave the win to Superman, but CM pretty well owns Superman in the actual fight and, at the end, flies up faster than Superman and throws him to the ground.

  59. There will be a Captain Marvel movie..
    We just need to wait, we just hope that Superman will be there.
    Watch Superman online