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Tales to Astonish #82 (ranked #5)


I thought we would start off the "Hero Envy" Blog Adventures with an article I wrote back in the beginning of 2000. I figured the end of the world was coming so it was time to write a complete and comprehensive listing of the top 50 greatest Marvel Slugfests ever to grace a funnybook. Now it's almost been 12 years since I wrote this and new brawls have come out that could've cracked the top 50 ("Thor vs Superman" from the JLA/Avengers #2 in 2003 comes to mind) but I've been out of hardcore comic collecting since 2003 so it hasn't been updated and my expertise is not what it used to be. But I'm still confident to say that this list is still very accurate.

Strange Tales Annual #2 (ranked #48)

Judging how I rank a slugfest is based on; 1. How classic it is. 2. How much influence and interest does it generate. 3. Action, excitement, destruction, savagery, will, intensity and outcome. The stories were only taken into very little consideration... it's just pure battle baby!!! So give it a look and see if your greatest Marvel scrap made the cut!! And remember, we have Stan Lee and Jack Kirby to thank everyday for being the founding fathers of the comic slugfests. Without them everything would be 50's DC camp...


1. Journey into Mystery #112 (1965)- HULK VS THOR

2. Fantastic Four #25,26 (1964)-Hulk vs Fantastic Four and the Avengers
3. Journey into Mystery #125/ The Mighty Thor #126 (1966)-Thor vs Hercules
4. Silver Surfer #4 (1969)-Thor vs Silver Surfer
5. Tales of Suspense #79,80/ Tales to Astonish #82 (1966)-Iron man vs Sub-Mariner
6. Fantastic Four #112 (1971)-Hulk vs Thing
7. Fantastic Four #55 (1966)-Thing vs Silver Surfer
8. The Incredible Hulk #340 (1987)-Hulk vs Wolverine
9. The Uncanny X-men #212,213 (1986)-Wolverine vs Sabertooth
10. The Sub-Mariner #8 (1968)-Sub-Mariner vs Thing
11. Fantastic Four #242-244 (1982)-heroes vs Galactus
12. Fantastic Four #39,40 (1965)-Fantastic Four and Daredevil vs Dr. Doom
13. The Mighty Thor #387-389 (1987)-Thor vs Celestials
14. The Amazing Spider-man #229,230 (1982)-Spider-man vs Juggernaut
15. The Mighty Thor #385 (1987)-Hulk vs Thor
16. Spider-man vs Wolverine-one-shot (1986)-Spider-man vs Wolverine
17. Infinity Gauntlet #1-6 (1991)-Thanos vs everybody
18. Daredevil #7 (1965)-Daredevil vs Sub-Mariner

19. The Uncanny X-men #112,113 (1978)-X-men vs Magneto
20. Wolverine #4-limited series (1982)-Wolverine vs Shingen
21. Avengers #273-277 (1986)-Avengers vs Masters of Evil
22. Marvel Feature #11 (1973)-Hulk vs Thing
23. The Uncanny X-men #172 (1983)-Wolverine vs Silver Samuri
24. Superman vs Spider-man-treasury (1976)-Superman vs Spider-man
25. The Uncanny X-men #183 (1984)-Colossus vs Juggernaut
26. Avengers #165,166 (1977)-Avengers vs Count Nefaria
27. Daredevil #181 (1982)-Daredevil and Elektra vs Bullseye
28. Silver Surfer #14 (1970)-Silver Surfer vs Spider-man
29. The Uncanny X-men #137 (1980)-X-men vs Imperial Guard
30. The Incredible Hulk vs Superman-one-shot (1999)-Hulk vs Superman
31. The Incredible Hulk #321,322 (1986)-Hulk vs Avengers and West coast Avengers
32. Future Imperfect #2 (1992)-Hulk vs Maestro
33. The Invincible Iron man #149,150 (1981)-Iron man vs Dr. Doom
34. Secret Wars #1-12-limited series (1984)-heroes vs villians vs Beyonder
35. Tales to Astonish #100 (1968)-Hulk vs Sub-Mariner
36. Strange Tales #140, 141 (1966)-Dr.Strange vs Dormmamu
37. The Amazing Spider-man #122 (1973)-Spider-man vs Green Goblin
38. Daredevil #163 (1978)-Hulk vs Daredevil

39. Tales of Suspense #80,81 (1966)-Captain America vs Red skull
40. Marvel Universe: Onslaught-one-shot (1996)-heroes vs Onslaught
41. The Amazing Spider-man annual #1 (1964)-Spider-man vs Sinister Six
42. Fantastic Four #57-60 (1966-1967)-Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer vs Dr. Doom
43. Marvel Two in One annual #7 (1982)-heroes vs Champion
44. The Amazing Spider-man #269,270 (1985)-Spider-man vs Firelord
45. Tales of Suspense #85 (1966)-Captain America vs Batroc
46. The Amazing Spider-man #8 (1963)-Spider-man vs Human Torch
47. Punisher War Journal #6,7 (1989)-Punisher vs Wolverine
48. Strange Tales annual #2 (1963)-Spider-man vs Human Torch
49. Captain America annual #8 (1986)-Captain America vs Wolverine
50. Contest of the Champions II #3 (1999)-Thor vs Storm

Tales of Suspense #85 (ranked #45)

Sub-Mariner #8 (ranked #10)

The Incredible Hulk vs Superman One-Shot (ranked #30)

The Mighty Thor #385 (ranked #15)

Fantastic Four #55 (ranked #7)

Well, is it still accurate? Yes? No?

Tell me what fights you loved and that I missed!! It can be Marvel, DC, or any company. List your top fights of today!!!!

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John Cimino
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  1. incredible hulk #118: namor vs. hulk is my all time favorite super-hero battle.
    defenders #52: namor vs. hulk is my second.

  2. looks pretty damn accurate to me

    update & show the fights & you win the coveted NO-PRIZE true believer!

  3. I was always a fan of Fantastic Four #25 and 26, so I ALMOST agree with this list.

    Good job.

  4. Really good list and I would add most of these, but I would definitely add Spider-Man vs. Scorpion from The Amazing Spider-Man #20. That was a knock-down, drag out, brawl from hell.