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Created by: Roy Thomas and Sal Buscema  First Appearance: THE AVENGERS #69 (1969)

While Hyperion is an unapologetic "Superman/Captain Marvel" hybrid copycat, he does have a nice reputation within the Marvel Universe and with comic readers in general. Actually, there are several notable versions of him flying around to date since his first appearance in 1969... sheesh. But the reason why Hyperion worked so much better than other Superman clones in comics was because he was never intended on being a serious character, he was suppose to be an obvious carbon copy of Superman. And throughout the years after several writers began throwing their takes on the character, Hyperion started to come into his own despite how similar he was to the Man of Steel.

As stated, Marvel has introduced various versions of Hyperion, each originating in a different dimension of the Marvel Multiverse. Sometimes he's a villain part of the Squadron Sinister, sometimes as a hero among the Squadron Supreme or Avengers and sometimes a tyrannical ruler of an alternate universe. But despite what incarnation of Hyperion shows up, he will most definitely be bringing a whole bunch of power to the table. Hyperion easily ranks among the greatest of the Super-Heavyweights in the Marvel Universe, side by side with the likes of the Hulk, Thor, Sentry, Silver Surfer, Juggernaut, Gladiator and Thanos and can even match fire with the most powerful of the cosmic gods in the known universe and not just hold his own - actually win!! Hey, they don't call him the "Sun God" for nothing!

So, with that much power at his disposal, Hyperion is a fearsome opponent for any character in comics and that has lead me to make this list. Interestingly, despite the many explosive battles Hyperion has had over the years (in all his incarnations), never has a list been compiled for him. Well, don't say I don't love you comic readers and Hyperion himself because I'm fond of being the "first" to do things. So here, for you - for the first time ever - is a write up on the 5 greatest battles Hyperion has ever had regardless of which version of him showed up to the dance. All hail the mighty Sun God! 

5.) THE AVENGERS #3 (2012)

Writer: Jonathan Hickman  Art: Jerome Opena and Dustin Weaver

Historically, all versions of Hyperion have always had problems when dealing with Marvel's resident Super-Heavyweight champion the Incredible Hulk. Truth be told, the Green-Skinned Goliath usually pounded on Hyperion when the Squadron Sinister clashed with the Defenders. But this new incarnation of Hyperion from Earth-13034 (and fellow teammate on the Avengers at the time) seemed to have a little extra "fire" within him and held his own with the brute when the Hulk was possessed by the villain Abyss. Hyperion and the Hulk go back and forth in an epic clash until Abyss finally loses control of the brute and bringing forth Bruce Banner. Luckily for him, Hyperion stops in mid-swing and welcomes the good doctor back. All hail the mighty Sun God!

4.) THE MIGHTY THOR #280 (1979)  

Writers: Roy Thomas, Don Thompson and Maggie Thompson  Art: Wayne Boring and Tom Palmer

Thor is walking along an avenue, unaware that he is being followed. When suddenly, a doorway opens in the air, and through it steps Hyperion from Earth-712 of the Squadron Supreme. Hyperion wants to ask the Avengers to be in a movie that his world is making about his life, but both heroes decide to clash instead (such is life in the Marvel Universe). The two gods go back and forth until they put aside their differences and talk it out. The Thunder God takes Hyperion to Avengers Mansion, and while they are not looking, a mysterious figure that had been following Thor reveals himself as Hyperion of the Squadron Sinister (who is a duplicate of the Earth-712 Hyperion).

Thor and Hyperion of the Squadron Supreme soon arrive at Avengers Mansion. After not finding anyone there, Hyperion offers Thor a tour of his world, which he accepts. Hyperion leaves Thor for a minute to check on his ship, when he is ambushed and captured by the Hyperion of the Squadron Sinister. This Hyperion then goes back down to Thor and pretends to be the Hyperion of the Squadron Supreme. Just then Emil Burbank, the archenemy of Hyperion of Earth-712, attacks. This Hyperion then flies off with Emil, where the truth is revealed. Back on the film set, Hyperion of the Squadron Supreme has returned with all his teammates. When it's revealed what happened, Emil and Hyperion of the Squadron Sinister are defeated by Thor, Hyperion and the rest of the Squadron Supreme. (Maybe this convoluted story should've been called "Hyperion, Hyperion and more Hyperion" ) All hail the mighty Sun God, or is it Gods??

3.) INFINITY #6 (2013)

Writer: Jonathan Hickman  Art: Jim Cheung and Dustin Weaver

After a massive build-up, Hyperion from Earth-13034 and the Avengers arrive to fight Thanos and his Black Order to end their threat once and for all. They break through a barrier created around the Earth and crash land in the desert. Heading to an Inhuman village, they find Abigail Brand and the Guardians of the Galaxy fighting Thanos and several members of the Black Order. The Avengers don't far well against the evil forces and begin losing badly. But as all heroes do, they press on despite the odds! The major highlight during this intense battle is when a hurt Hyperion manages to shoot his Atomic Vision into Corvus Glaive, killing him and changing the entire tide of the war. Eventually the Avengers rally and will prevail in the struggle against Thanos and the rest of his evil forces. All hail the mighty Sun God!


Writer: Tom DeFalco  Art: Bob Hall, John Romita Jr., Keith Pollard, Marshal Rogers, Jackson Guice, Ron Frenz, Tom Palmer, Bill Sienkiewicz, Al Williamson, Bob Layton, Kevin Nowlan and Bob Wiacek

As a result of the Contest of Champions, the Grandmaster had restored the Collector's life at the cost of his own. Once within the realm of Death, however, he schemed to conquer the final adversary. Now, after having pitted the West Coast Avengers against their eastern counterparts in Death's domain, he has distracted, then defeated Death itself. Bored with life, the Grandmaster has created five life-bombs which will cause a new "big bang," replacing the present universe with one of his own designs. When all the Avengers challenge him to a final game, he pits them against a new Legion of the Unliving composed of their deceased friends and foes.

Many of the match ups had definitive and even deadly outcomes. In an Arctic waste Captain America, Wonder Man, and the Wasp combat Hyperion from the Squadron Sinister (who is a duplicate of the Earth-712 Hyperion of the Squadron Supreme), Baron Blood, and Bucky. Hyperion has one of the most incredibly brutal and destructive battles of the entire war when he kills Wonder Man by driving him through the planet and into into a nearby sun. It was honestly and incredible show of power by the Sun God. In the end, it was Captain America and Hawkeye that ultimately saved the day against the Grandmaster and revived all the heroes, but it was Hyperion who had the most memorable moment of the story. All hail the mighty Sun God!

1.) SQUADRON SUPREME #1 (2015) 

Writer: James Robinson  Art: Leonard Kirk

Hyperion from Earth-13034, Nighthawk from Earth-31916, Zarda from Earth-712, Blur from Earth-148611, and Doctor Spectrum from Earth-4290001 are the sole survivors of their native realities and formed the Earth-616 version of the Squadron Supreme. Their first mission to restore order to the world is attacking Namor, the Sub-Mariner of Atlantis, whose crime is being responsible for the destruction of Doctor Spectrum's and Nighthawk's worlds. The Squadron battle Namor, Attuma, and the forces of Atlantis head on. Eventually Attuma is killed at the hands of Zarda. Namor is able to hold on his own against the Squadron but their attack is just a diversion as Hyperion flies into the ocean and lifts the entire city of Atlantis to the surface. After mercifully allowing the Atlantean denizens to escape their city, Hyperion throws Atlantis onto solid ground and utterly destroying it. In a fit of rage, Namor attacks Hyperion, who merely decapitates the charging Sea King with his Atomic Vision ending his very life. This moment solidifies Hyperion and his Squadron Supreme as a true force to be reckoned with on planet Earth. Unknown to the Squadron, they are observed by Thundra and Tyndall, who hoped to call on them for help but are now totally unsure.

All hail the mighty Sun God!

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