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Saturday, June 4, 2011





Let's just make something clear from the very start, I HATE comic books today! I HATED them throughout the 2000's and I HATED them (the most) throughout the 1990's! In fact, I started collecting comics religiously in the late 70's and stopped in 2003, so I personally endured through the horrendous 90's. Don't get me wrong, some good stories and titles came out here and there, but for the most part if I needed to wipe my dirty tush with something and no toilet paper was around, the first thing I would look for is a box of Valiant comics, or any comic with Rob Liefeld, Eric Larson or Jim Valentino art in it! Hell, almost anything out of these decades is a good enough for my tush, especially comics with those horrendous foil covers. 

Now to know me, one must understand that I'm also comics biggest fan!! That's right, after reading that little intro I just ranted, you probably would never know it. But show me a superhero comic from the late 30's until the mid 80's and I'm a happy, bouncing, baby boy!! Yup, these are the comics I love to see, read and dream about. I worship them and LOVE their smell. I sniff em' up just like a professional cocaine addict would because they (especially the 1960's Marvel Comics) smell like "CHILDHOOD" (or something to the extent of a mixture of old newspapers and Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough). You may think that is a little weird, but to anyone who knows me, they can clearly understand why I do the things I do (hell, watch the Swass-Cast at and see my enthusiasm, I'm a hoot to watch). And the biggest reason why I have such an obsession for these comics is because they are not to be taken so seriously. This was a time when superheroes were "FANTASTIC" and continuity meant something. You could pick any issue off the shelf and you instantly knew what was going on.

Today, the market is so saturated with titles and limited series that even the writers themselves lose track of what's going on. And oh, how everyone wants realism...oooohh, make it real, make it accessible, make it politically correct...blah, blah, blah!! How the hell can a fictional character that can fly and shoot thunder from his ass be REAL?? Why the constant need for realism?? Why would I want to read about how bad the economy is doing in the Marvel Universe when it sucks in real life?? I need my comics to escape and enjoy!! I don't want all this misery and gloom. If I wanted that I could just look outside my window and talk to overweight grown ups about the pussification of America.

But I love comics. Yup, I really do. In fact, I LOVE the Hulk! He was and still is my favorite comic character (even though Captain Marvel from DC Comics creeps up in there every now and then). My first exposure to the Green Goliath was when my mother made me go to bed early because she thought I would be scared of an episode of The Incredible Hulk live-action series starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. I peeked in, watched the whole thing and then became a Hulk-addict before I went back to sleep. Soon after that a whole new world was opened up to me on my birthday when I turned seven. My godfather Salvatore bought me a copy of The Incredible Hulk #247 (with a ten dollar bill in it). Everyone thought he was cheap for getting me just a comic book (he was very cheap), but little did my family know, he gave me THE BEST GIFT EVER...EXPOSURE TO A FREAKING COMIC BOOK!!! WOW!! The comic addiction began!

Hulk #247, the first comic I ever got! Man, it's a beauty.

I looked everywhere to find both Marvel and DC titles (I was a BIG Super Friends cartoon fan at this time), I looked in barber shops, flea markets, grocery stores, newsstands, etc. I went everywhere and I wanted anything with the Hulk!! I was so inexperienced that I didn't even know what the numbers meant on them. I would read the last page of the issue and hopefully the first page of the next one matched the same ending scene (hey, I was young and naive, but man, was I having fun). Once I started to understand the numbering system on the comics, I began to get them sporadically. Soon I became a "Marvel Zombie" and just collected the Marvel titles, but it was the Hulk comic that I started to get every month without fail starting with issue #289 (I still have that actual tattered copy today) and I never stopped until 2003. By then, my collection was boundless. I had EVERY key Marvel Silver and Bronze Age issue as well as the entire runs of The Incredible Hulk, The Amazing Spider-man, Fantastic Four, The Avengers, The Mighty Thor, Captain America, Sub-Mariner, The Defenders, etc. basically, I had it all (even a few key DC titles from this time period). And when you talk about "old-school" Marvel memorabilia and toys, then read this story; "In Search of the Holy Grail of Hulk".

Hulk #289, the comic that started my monthly addiction for over 20 years.

Now let's get back to the Hulk. When I got into him and really started to collect his comic every month in the early 80's he was actually losing his luster (although I never knew it). He would soon be getting Bruce Banner's mind, eventual power-downs, the mindless and grey Hulk personalities would be coming and all this nonsense that I've come to absolutely despise. More on this very soon...

As I became more of an educated reader (collecting and reading back issues to catch up with everything), I started noticing a BIG GAP in the Hulk's timeline. Anyone out there ever read The Incredible Hulk #272? For me, and a few Hulk-purists out there, believe that this is the last issue the REAL-DEAL-ONE-TRUE "SAVAGE" Hulk ever appeared in. Yup, that's right, waaaaaay back in 1982 was the last time anyone ever truly saw the "definitive" Hulk. The story itself is a pretty good read as the Hulk and Sasquatch beat up the Wendigo in a mega-brawl. But during the fight, the Hulk switches back and forth from Banner's mind to the Hulk's mind. It was something new (although things like this happened in the Hulk's past before), but when Banner's mind wins out in the end, the Hulk went into a direction he had never gone before. And for the next 30 plus years everything changed in his history.

Hulk #272, say bye, bye to the REAL Incredible Hulk forever in this issue.

Sure, some stories and situations were good here and there, but the Hulk-MY HERO was not just different, he was gone. Many of you fanboys can cry foul or say this and that, but for me, the "true" Hulk is not living in the current Marvel Universe anymore.

The Incredible Hulk #273 and beyond is always a bitter pill for me to swallow. It started horrible events years down the line like Bill Mantlo's last Hulk story arc called the "Crossroads" which was total and utter garbage, John Bryne's nonsense, and then came Peter David who wrote the Hulk for 13 plus years and is considered by many to be the best Hulk-scribe. He has to be commended for adding so much new characterization and depth to the Hulk's world and clearing up all the loopholes in its history. But everything David did was not always for the better. Like his "new" Hulk healing factor, his weak/bleeding and always crying new Hulk personality called the "Professor" Hulk incarnation and all this MPD muck which I believe forever ruined the character. And let's not forget David's, Mr. Fixit trash and Pantheon idiocy. Peter David is a great comic-writer no doubt, but he did too many Hulk-mythos changing events that can never be forgiven.

Unfortunately more bad writing came along that couldn't clean David's mess. Joe Casey and his Circus of Crime snake debacle horror, Paul Jenkins giving the Hulk 1000's of new personalities (that's right, 1000's of them!!), Bruce Jones bald-mute Hulk and slow moving storyline head-aches, Jeph Loeb's Red Hulk and She-Hulk (talk about lazy creations)??? Greg Pak's colored Hulks and World War Hulks and "Brady Bunch" family Hulks?? Jason Aaron's bald Hulk run?? Mark Waid's armor wearing mute Hulk?? It just keeps on going and going and seems never-ending. There's so much more gamma-crap that I'm too embarrassed to write anymore about it. Let's just say...HULK SHOULD SMASH STUPIDITY!! Hey, if some of you have no idea what I'm talking about consider yourselves lucky!! Thank god I'm out of comics and never returning.

Oh, and yes, although I just slammed him, I do think Greg Pak is a great Hulk-writer and without a doubt the best Hulk-writer since Bill Mantlo's early stuff (which is fantastic). And to make myself clear once again, you do get a good story or fight (that I'll even pick up) every now and then today. But I just can't get into the stories as much, it's just too silly for me. I stay far away from the smell of this Hulk-trash or all comic-trash in general.

Say hello to Hulk #273 and the Hulk's "new" direction and expect nothing but 30 plus years of disaster!

So this lack of Hulk today got me thinking. If I'm such an expert or big-shot, can I come up with the run that represents the Hulk and his world EXACTLY as it should be? Oh yes I can true believer!! And that is what this write up is all about!!

For me, the Hulk run I will present to you, is what I see when I think about the Hulk. The art, the "Hulk" logo, the stories, the Army, the desert, the villains, the atmosphere, everything! Before these issues, The Incredible Hulk #1-6, Tales to Astonish #59-101, The Incredible Hulk #102 and up until this run starts, is where I feel writers were still trying to get the development of the Hulk down, and the art of how the Hulk looked was still in the making. There was a great amount of stuff being put out then, but it just didn't all fit together so completely until this run came into effect because it also gave the Hulk more of a purpose and relevance in the Marvel Universe. After this run came to an end, things were still awesome and "true" Hulk stories were still being produced until the Hulk's last appearance in that dreaded issue of 272. But it just didn't fit together so perfectly as this run did which I call, THE ESSENTIAL HULK!

Okay, enough about the bad, let's get on with the good. The greatest Hulk run ever is....

The Incredible Hulk #156-193!! 37 issues from 1972 thru 1975 of pure Hulk the way he was meant to be. He was the strongest being on Earth and he just randomly wandered around the world as a tragic loner, running from the Army who constantly hounded him and always finding himself in another adventure with another adversary trying to get his power or challenge his might. I think everything from these issues is the foundation of how the Hulk should act, speak, be written and just plain be. Plus, this was the time his true rogue's gallery was formed. No Excuses, this is the Hulk in all his heavenly glory so here we go!!!


#156: Archie Goodwin and Herb Trimpe were already writing and drawing some good stories in the previous two issues before this one, but I started here because the art of Trimpe really started to take form with the inks of Sal Trapani. The Hulk looked so different from the previous issues and the "Savage" Hulk modern day look was now taking form. Previously, Trimpe had the inks of Dan Adkins (who did a great job) and then John Severin, who I felt never fitted the Hulk. Their Hulk always looked like someone out of an old western comic. And what was John famous guessed it, his western comics. Cowboys and Indians good, The Hulk bad. Trimpe and Trapani started it all right here!!

#157, 158: These two issues are simply the greatest "Hulk vs Rhino"  brawl/saga ever done and it's written by two different writers!! Throw in the Leader's mental control over the Rhino in issue 157 (he is in the background of this story secretly controlling his ship the two brutes are on), then the battle for Counter-Earth in issue 158 (with Steve Gerber now taking over the writing from Archie Goodwin) and you have an amazing tale that takes so many twists and turns that ends with a gang-like rumble with the Hulk and Rhino leading the way!!! 

#159: Boasting one of the best Hulk covers ever, the Abomination, who General Ross has and sent to capture the Hulk so Betty Ross (now recently married to Glenn Talbot) won't know that Bruce is still alive. But what we also learn in this issue is how mentally unstable the Abomination really is. Plus the Leader is unknowingly defeated by Bruce Banner for control of his ship at the starting of this adventure. Hulk-action all the way baby as only Steve Englehart, who is now the full-time Hulk-scribe, can write!!

#160: Banner now finds out about Betty's marriage to Glenn Talbot! Now as the Hulk, he subconsciously wanders over to the Niagra Falls to find them on their honeymoon. But as always, General Ross and the Army are in hot pursuit of the behemoth. As the Hulk makes it to the falls, all he finds is a fight with Tiger-Shark!

#161: The Hulk continues his quest to find Betty and wanders into Canada to meet up with the Beast and Mimic and we find out why the green goliath is getting mysteriously weaker. And The Hulk hates to be weak!!! This issue is also awesome because the Hulk realizes without his strength he has nothing. It's a sad realization of the tragic life of the Hulk.

#162: A truly unbelievable tale that is exactly what a Hulk-story should read like!!! All future writers who want to write the Hulk should read this issue!! The Hulk tries to save a man trapped in the Wendigo the only way he knows how, he fights it!!! But eventually, even the Hulk is powerless to save the man as the Wendigo runs off. This leaves the Hulk frustrated and defeated. I love how the Hulk plays the hero in such a childish, innocent way to save the man inside the Wendigo even though he has no hope of truly saving him (it's so sad, tragic and beautiful all at the same time). AN ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE!!!!

#163: General Ross and the Army once again are in pursuit to get The Hulk. The Gremlin (the Gargolyes son from Hulk (vol.1) #1)  captures them both and only the Hulk escapes!!

#164, 165: The Hulk wanders into the Artic and finds himself confronted by the mad-genius Captain Omen! Eventually the Hulk leads a revolution for the Captain's crew and gives them freedom. But they all die when they reach the surface (exploding to their death). Always a tragic ending where even the Hulk's limitless strength is powerless to save anyone. Englehart, Trimpe and Trapani are consistently putting out Hulk-Gold!

#166: The Hulk wanders into New York City and encounters ZZAXX for the first time, guest-starring Hawkeye!! And Colonel John Armbuster and Major Glenn Talbot get a team together and free General Ross from a Russian prison. They manage to free Ross but Talbot is shot in the process and is captured.

#167, 168: "Hulk vs Modok" in their greatest saga ever!! Betty breaks down when she finds out that Glenn Talbot has been shot and captured and then finally confronts Banner and attacks him. Soon, Modok will manipulate her and the Harpy is born (Betty has it tough in this two-parter)!! Herb Trimpe and new inker Jack Abel comes aboard to now create the look of the DEFINITIVE HULK!!!!! Classic all the way, baby!!!

#169: General Ross learns of Betty as the Harpy but soon she is sucked away with an unconscious Hulk to a city in the clouds. Introducing the Bi-Beast and a battle 8 miles high in the sky with Modok in the shadows.

#170: A fantastic issue where Betty is back to normal and learns to understand who the Hulk truly is and how he just wants to help her. Throw in some giant monsters and we have ourselves another true-Hulk story! Chris Claremont joins the Englehart, Trimpe, and Able team as the writer (it's Englehart who is the plotter in this issue).

#171: Gerry Conway does the writing duties as the Hulk has never looked better with Trimpe and Able as a team. The Hulk goes back at Desert Base, New Mexico!! And hello to a brawl with the Abomination and the Rhino!! What a battle and what a classic issue!!!

#172: Roy Thomas plots as Tony Isabella scripts and the action never stops! The Hulk confronts the Juggernaut for the first time in another slugfest for the ages and the Army Base is caught in the middle!!! Props to the Hulk for overpowering Juggernaut in this fight and proving he is still the strongest being on earth!

#173, 174: Roy Thomas writes this Hulk two-parter as he stows away on a ship and confronts the Cobolt Man with General Ross once again in pursuit! Issue 173 has Herb doing pencils and inks which is a great effort but lacks the appeal he has with Able on inks. But he returns as the inker in 174 to continue the look of the DEFINITIVE HULK!! Yeah!!!

#175: The Hulk crash lands in the Himalayan Mountains and confronts the Inhumans. I love how Black Bolt uses his scream and passes out from the strain as the Hulk takes it full force and trudges forward. But soon the Hulk also passes out and the Inhumans just have to get the Hulk out of their land because he is such a destructive, dangerous force and can destroy their home. Poor tortured soul is the Hulk.

#176-178: The Hulk ends up on Counter-Earth again and confronts Adam Warlock and the Man-Beasts. Another revolution and another classic Hulk adventure!!!!  Roy Thomas plots issue 176 as Gerry Conway comes back to write 176, 177 and plots 178, Tony Isabella scripts 178 and all kept consistent with the awesome Trimpe, Able art team.

#179: Len Wein comes on board as the full-time writer as The Hulk returns to earth and confronts the Missing Link!! At the end, it's the Link who has friends and the Hulk (who thought he was saving the town) was the feared creature of destruction. Another classic Hulk tale and simply what all Hulk stories should be like. Also Glenn Talbot returns to Betty at long last (but is he alright?)

#180, 181: Wanders into Canada and confronts the Wendigo and soon the Wolverine. Now I know these are popular issues because of Wolverine (who I can't stand today). But here, he is a cool new character that ends up making the Hulk mad and pays for it. Glenn Talbot is also acting unstable back at the base.

#182: Ending of the Wolverine saga, but beginning the Cracker Jack Jackson story which is another truly classic Hulk story as only Len Wein can write. Tragic and heart felt as the Hulk loses a friend but learns how to write. Trimpe also begins to ink his own work and has improved dramatically (from issue 173) while the Hulk looks almost as good as the Trimpe and Abel team.

#183: Wanders into Chicago for another return bout with ZZAXX!! This issue also shows that no matter how feared and hunted the Hulk is, he will save lives.

#184: The Hulk battles an alien Kaa who takes control of the Hulk's shadow and tries to kill the brute with it. Plus General Ross, Glenn Talbot and Betty Talbot enjoy some free time in New Mexico. Eventually Banner returns to Gamma Base and is shot by Colonel John Armbuster as he enters a room.

#185: As Banner is captured and shackled in Gamma Base, we learn he was only shot with a tranquilizer dart from the previous issue. Betty and Bruce have a final talk as Bruce tells her to leave but regrets it. But the big shocker is John Armbuster sacrifices himself to save the President who was about to be ambushed by Glenn Talbot who had an organic bomb in his chest. The bomb goes off as Armbuster and Glenn fall over the edge. This all causes Banner to change into the Hulk and have a showdown with General Ross and the HS-1000 armor!!!

#186: Captured again, the Hulk escapes and confronts the terrorist known as the Devastator!! In this battle, Gamma Base is totaled and we learned that the Glenn Talbot that exploded in the previous issue was an impostor!!

#187, 188: Joe Staton takes over the inking chores on Trimpe and the Hulk starts to lose his luster and classic look. But a nice story as General Ross get's help from Nick Fury and Clay Quatermain of SHIELD to meet the Gremlin once again in Siberia and save Glenn Talbot. Banner will sneak on the plane so The Hulk eventually shows up, causes some havoc and gets captured by the Gremlin. Then later teams up with Ross and SHIELD and has a major slugfest with the Gremlin's killer pet, a rhyming triceratops! Now that's some Hulk action!!

#189: Another great Hulk tale where the Hulk is now wandering in Siberia and meets up with a blind girl. Soon the Mole man is in the mix but eventually the girl sees again and she thinks that the Hulk is a man and not a monster. Classic Hulk right here baby.

#190, 191: Marie Severin inks over Trimpe in issue 190 and it is once again, not a perfect fit (Staton returns in 191). But throw in the Glorian, the Toad Men, the Shaper of Worlds and an outer space adventure and you have a pretty good two-parter. It's always touching to see the Hulk not wanting a fake world of peace in his life as he turns down the Shaper of Worlds offer of paradise. So the Hulk is not so dumb and gullible as many would think.

#192: The run is now winding down as the Hulk ends up in Scotland and confronts the Loch Ness monster. The issue is by no means perfect but it's still a classic.

#193: And the "definitive" Hulk run ends here with Trimpe's last issue (he would return from time to time but seemed to have lost his touch). The Hulk has a nice punch up with Doc Samson in New York and thrashes him. It's funny to see Samson at the end yelling for revenge against the Hulk to a bunch of teenagers playing baseball and scaring them out of there minds. I love this shit!! Plus this issue has one of the best Hulk covers ever made!


The Aurora Comic Scenes were promotional comic books included with the Aurora superhero model kits made in 1974. They were drawn by famous comic book artists like Gil Kane, Neal Adams, Curt Swan, and Dick Giordano and all ten feature popular comic book characters from both Marvel and DC, including Superman, Batman, Spider-man and ol' greenskin himself, the Incredible Hulk! Written by Len Wein and drawn and inked by Herb Trimpe, this was the team that was currently doing the Hulk comic at this time and it was another stellar Hulk appearance! In the story, the Hulk smashes the forces of Hydra. Plus I need to mention the iconic cover image of the Hulk masterfully drawn by Trimpe was also used by Mego Toy Corporation for their Hulk action figures. It is truly one of my all time best Hulk pictures ever done! And check out the Mego ad below from 1974.

In this rare 1974 Mego toy ad, Marvel used Herb Trimpe's Hulk drawn face over Jack Kirby's Hulk body. The Body was taken from the Fantastic Four Annual #1 (1963) pin up picture of the Hulk. The Kirby face was replaced with Trimpe's updated face from his famous Hulk running picture which can be seen below in the "Modern Day" Savage Hulk.


Iconic Herb Trimpe Hulk promo art for Marvel. This image was universally used to market the Hulk when Marvel started pumping out their merchandise in late 1974 until 1980.

Herb Trimpe art on the Hulk in this fantastic Honeycomb cereal commercial from 1976.


Hulk #194, Sal Buscema takes over for Herb Trimpe and does a legendary 10 year run.

Sal Buscema takes over the art duties and now begins his legendary 10 year run with issue 194 (truth be told, I was never as big of a fan of his art, especially when teaming with Joe Staton. His art looked much better with Ernie Chan doing the inks). Many will also claim that Sal's work and Hulk "look" should be considered more important than Trimpe's work and run. But as awesome as Sal's run and art was, it was all influenced from what Trimpe already started! Don't get me wrong, these stories were always awesome as Len Wein, Roger Stern and Bill Mantlo made their marks on the title. But once The Incredible Hulk #273 came out and I had to deal with this "bold-new-direction" Banner-Hulk, I had to forever check out of the Hulk mythos...and I wasn't coming back.

Is this really the Incredible Hulk leaping at ZZAXX ??? With shoes on, combed hair, an overcoat and talking analytical jibba jabba??? Give me a freaking break!!! I want no part of the Hulk's new "embarrassing" direction!!

I also believe that despite some wonderful stories that came after Sal's 10 year run into the present, the Hulk had never again returned to his glory like he did in Trimpe's 37 issues...NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!! I know there are many Hulk fans around that may call me crazy for this write up. But no matter what, you have to acknowledge the significance of how awesome these issues were and how important they are to the Hulk's character and legend.

And to "toot" my horn one last time, I say, let's all just be thankful that a comic character that has lasted for over 50 years was really only around for 20, but it was a good 20. HULK HAS BEEN SMASHED!!!! And if you come up to me and ask me who the true Hulk is, I would just say this famous Hulk quote that should be carved on his tombstone, because it says it all;

"Within each of us, ofttimes, there dwells a mighty raging fury."

NUFF SAID. Let me hear what you guys think!!

My Top 10 Greatest Hulk Stories Ever

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  1. That isn't really "a" run; it's four or five runs, but it is great, great stuff. I'm a really big Hulk fan. I totally disagree with you about contemporary comics--after being mostly a waste of space from the late '80s to about 1998 or '99 (and my contempt for this period is probably even greater than yours), Marvel went through a third creative renaissance for about a decade. Some of the best work they've ever published. A LOT of it (I can't speak for the last two or three years, because my economic situation hasn't allowed me to follow the books). Our beloved Hulk, however, was, unfortunately, pretty much left out of that renaissance.

    In my own estimation, I loved the first six issues of the Hulk (some of my absolute favorite Hulk artwork), but the quality took a major nosedive when he was moved to Tales to Astonish. For quite a while, it seemed as if no one knew what to do with him. As it went along, though, the TTA got better, then they got really, really good, and once it got cooking, the book stayed good through pretty much everyone, right through the late '80s (it may have stayed good beyond that, but I was out of comics during that time--haven't even read much of Peter David's much-lauded run). There were times when it was better than others (I like the period you identify), but it was always good. It probably has, in fact, the best record of any of the original, long-running Marvel titles. Think about it. They all went through periods when they were absolutely wretched. Not the Hulk. Once he hit his stride, he was always a rock. He seemed to bring out the best in everyone who worked on him, and the book inspired all kinds of wild fantasy stories, and made them work (which isn't an easy thing, when you get that far out there).

    I love Trimpe's Hulk. Always had this very primitive look to it that suited the material. To me, Sal Buscema is easily the definitive Hulk arist, though, and by a pretty wide margin. I've always thought that was a perfect case of an artist finding his ideal subject.

    Sal came to agree with your notion that the Banner-brained Hulk wasn't "really" the Hulk. I've always just seen it as another Hulk storyline, a new way to approach the material. Some VERY good work came out of that period (Bill Mantlo wrote some of my favorite Hulk stories).

  2. IT'S TOTALLY TRUTH! about this modern day (computerblind-colored with no detailed shading effects) comic-crap. - It's only Iron Man who survives this big mid-90's change, but he's techy.., it's normal. - Also, those multi-issue horrible crossovers for stupid kids, one after another!, this gay-familiarizing agenda, putted into books, man! it's sucks, it's like nazi-soviet "start with children" kind of a propaganda. - Psychological 80's were very good! - but for heroes like Batman and Daredevil (Miller's work), Hulk is different kind of a hero - so what we can see here is a REALLY ESSENTIAL HULK'S RUN! THANKS! - And the declining of a hero-comicbook industry (and a whole popculture from diff. reasons) starts in mid-90's with Image Comics and killing, or I should write "killing", and cloning.. the Heroes. - Broken Bat, Death of Superman, Maximum Clonage, X-Cutioner's song, etc. - For a herocomicbook fan - only one-shots, elseworlds and mini-series, nowadays.

  3. I have to agree! The Trimpe Hulk-run was the standard. You have a remarkable blog here, please keep it up because I'm a fan.

  4. Great article. I never knew the Hulk went through so much "crap"! Nice to see this so well written and honest.

  5. Herb Trimpe never got the credit he deserves, nice to see someone out there realizes this.

  6. I agree so much with this article, I think the "real" hulk comic died in the early eighties. For me (i`m 39) and to many other from my generation, consider the savage Hulk to be the real Hulk. Also Sal Buscema`s Hulk is the most iconic Hulk of them all. I lost the interest at around issue #300. After that think they last track of what Hul where and how they should progress with the character. Why did they change a formula that worked and people loved i always asked, for me Hulk is dead and live on my childhood memories to this day..